Merry Christmas: 25 December 2016

If there was a theme for this year’s Christmas, it would be: “An Abundance of Food for All”

We got up and opened gifts. I gave stockings for Prean and Viktor and loaded them up with various Christmas goodies. They gave to me a very nice cashmere scarf and some Merino Wool socks. Nice!

We decided that the Brussels Sprout stalk that Prean bought the day before would be our tree.

Now that we have the shopping done, the tree, and the gifts out of the way, the next thing to do was to start cooking.

After opening gifts, I made some French Toast, including a selection of Canadian maple syrup, raspberry jam, and strawberry Jam. I was going to make baked French Toast but decided to do on the stove instead. Think it turned out well.

After a couple of helpings of french toast, we decided to go for a walk and check out Victoria Station, which was closed due to Christmas. This is a station that handles around 100,000 passengers a day and to see it empty was very interesting.

Before we left, we tried on our scarfs.

Empty Victoria Station

After walking around some we found ourselves in front of Westminster Cathedral Catholic Church, which is one of the oldest Catholic churches in England. We went inside and listed to part of the Christmas service.

We returned home and had some mulled wine and a treat that Viktor had warmed up earlier.

After a nap we enjoyed a meal that Prean prepared. The turkey purchased the day before was an heirloom turkey which was all dark meat that was very tender and flavorful. With potatoes, vegetables, and sweet potato fries.

Viktor was ready to eat.

Then the Christmas pudding….

After all this, we watched the movie, “Auntie Mame” which was a lot of fun to watch. Took a break during the movie and ate some biscuits with cheese.

When the movie finished, we decided to have the remaining pudding.

Had a great Christmas this year in London. Maybe a repeat next year?




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  1. It sounds as if you have had a delightful Christmas season in a wonderful place. As always, thank you for sharing in so much detail and pictures. It certainly allows me to be transported away and as close as I will ever be to being there in person. You have given me such a great gift without knowing you would be doing that. Thanks for the random food shots too!!

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