Daily Journal: 26 December 2016

Prean and Viktor left this morning to spend the day with friends in Sussex.  I got ready to do some shopping (actually more looking than shopping) in the Kensington and Soho areas.

On my way to Kensington, I found myself near Eaton Place which was the fictional location of Upstairs, Downstairs – the predecessor of Downton Abbey. Sort of fictional since they used the outside of the real 65 Eaton Place for the exterior shots but put a “1” in front of the “65” to throw off people, like me, from taking pictures of the house.

Neighborhood of 165 Eaton Place.

65 Eaton Place.

From there, I walked by the Natural History Museum (again) and took a picture to show another angle of this magnificent building and the blue sky. A great day for a walk.

My primary mission was to find a few phone stores to investigate purchasing a new phone. I dropped my current phone when I was at Westminster Abbey on the hard stone floor, and even though my phone is fairly sturdy, that was took much for it. The crack is very slight, but think I should replace it since I rely on it so much. Phone still works though. I visited four different stores, so now I’m ready to make my informed purchase tomorrow when the stores are not so busy.

Given that today was the day after Christmas, the stores were having their major sales. Oxford Street was packed with shoppers – even more so than the days leading up to Christmas. It was slow going, but made it to where I needed to be.

While visiting Whole Foods, I took a picture of pomegranates and their cost. This would be a little more than $2 in the U.S. so think this is a good deal. Most food items are priced comparably to most items in the U.S.

Just made plans to tour the Parliament Building and Westminster Abbey on Wednesday.





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  1. The pomegranates have been running about $2.50 here at Freddies so I think you’re getting a good price. They look good too. Hope they are.

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