Christmas Eve: 24 December 2016 (Saturday)

We went to the nearby public market early this morning to pick up supplies for today and tomorrow. The market was not full of vendors today, probably because of this being Christmas Eve. We found a few items we needed, such as turkey, vegetables, apple juice, eggs, bread, etc.

After shopping, Prean thought we should have some mulled wine so we stopped off at a local pub and celebrated our shopping experience. Then, they showed me the retail shop they are fixing up – very interesting.

Got back to the flat and they took off in one direction and I was to meet Paula at Portobello Road Market at 1:00. Had coffee and a snack with her before doing some serious shopping. Found this sign by the register – probably many have already seen, but still very cleaver.

Decided to take some random pictures of the market.

We each found some things to buy just as many of the stalls were closing up. Took some pictures of the Notting Hill area. Some beautiful homes.

Tomorrow, all of the tube, bus, and train lines are not operating. You can reserve a taxi if you need one, but the whole city is quiet for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!





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