Daily Journal: 20 December 2016 (Tuesday)

Yesterday, I finally got out of the flat at around 12:30. Was a lazy morning, but finished some financial work then headed out for some exploring (again) in Soho.

Made arrangements later in the day to meet up with Paula, who is also from Hood River. We went to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall, located at the Northern edge of Kensington.

I took a picture of the hall inside the Victoria Station, which is a short walk from where I’m staying. This building serves rail and underground lines and it is absolutely immense.

People waiting to go into Albert Hall from the lobby.

Took a picture of Paula and I just before the start of the performance.

Picture of the orchestra and singers. Paula figures there were around 400 singers. Wow!

I looked up and got a picture of the hall’s ceiling.

A view of the hall from its southern side as we were leaving.

We had a small after concert meal. As we were heading to the underground, Paula stopped off to get some cash.  Paula commented: Is this a London phone box, an ATM, or a tardis?

My outing today took me to Bond Street (runs between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly) – just to walk down the streets and look into some of the stores. Also had tea and a dessert (Caramel Cake).

Yummy! Tea with Caramel Cake

Then headed over to the local Apple store to look at Apple Watches. Was amazed at the number of people in the one store. And there are three more of these stores nearby. The people with the red shirts are the Apple employees.

Took some pictures and a video of some of the street lights.

Later, I went to a Christmas concert at the St. James’s Church in Piccadilly. It was called, “Carols for Shoppers”. It is an annual Christmas concert and featured The Royal College of Music Junior Department Chamber Choir. There were some sing along songs as well. The church has retained the old finishes and design so you can almost image what it was like well over 100 years ago. I took a video of us singing the last verse of “We Three Kings”.

Old organ loft pictured below.

Video of the singing of the last verse of “We Three Kings”

And, on the way home, took a picture of Piccadilly Circus – like a mini Times Square.




3 thoughts on “Daily Journal: 20 December 2016 (Tuesday)”

  1. What a beautiful time to be in London, but I guess you did plan that on purpose! Good call! (just saying) The Christmas season just isn’t complete without hearing the Messiah but to hear it in Royal Albert Hall would be an extra treat. The decorations are amazing. Did you decorate your flat at all?

    1. What a great decision to be in London during Christmas. Maybe do this again next year? Will see… No decorations for the flat, but we are planning for some Christmas fun for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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