Daily Journal: 19 December 2016 (Monday)

Am very much enjoying the holiday season in London. Wow – so many people out in the stores and on the sidewalks doing their shopping. Takes almost 5 minutes to walk each block.

More about yesterday. Prean, Viktor and I made a joint decision to head out to Little Venice. I’d never heard of this part of London so was ready to do some exploring.

We took the tube up to Paddington Station, then walked over to Little Venice. Before we left the Paddington Station area, the guys bought me a little Paddington Bear as a remembrance of my visit. Think I’ll incorporate the bear in a few of my travel pictures.

Think he will be fit easily into my luggage. 🙂

Thought I’d include the sign that describes the Little Venice area. (See below.) The map shows the layout of the canals in the area.

Came upon a statue and Prean and Viktor decided to do a mannequin pose.

We received a good recommendation to visit the Warwick Castle pub, so we stopped in. A fire in their fireplace looked welcoming so we pulled up some chairs, ordered some mulled wine and enjoyed the warmth of the fire and our company. Learned that the pub was built in 1868 and it looked like nothing had been updated since.

The above picture I pulled from the Internet.

Below is a picture of us with our mulled wine in front of the warming file.

After leaving the pub, we wandered around and looked through shops. Then decided to head over to The Regent’s Park.

After a walk we stopped by a cafe in the park for some food, then headed over to the nearest tube station. On the way we came across and visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Gift Shop.

I tried on a few hats. Would like to keep the bowler hat, but don’t think it would pack well.

Prean and Viktor headed off in another direction and I had plans to meet Ben, a brother of my friends Bev and Polly. We were to see a Benjamin Britten Christmas Concert at Westminster Abby – though being toward the end of the line, were not able to be seated. So, headed over to the nearest pub and got caught up – since I hadn’t seen Ben since last July.

Today, I had more paperwork and emails to respond to from the U.S. then ran some more errands. Tonight I’m meeting a fellow Hood River citizen for a concert at Albert Hall – Handel’s Messiah.






2 thoughts on “Daily Journal: 19 December 2016 (Monday)”

  1. I loved the hat on you but as you say it wouldn’t travel well…unless you just wore it all the time 🙂 Paddington Bears are quite iconic and sought after among bear collectors. He’s definitely a treasure!

    1. Yes, I would have to wear the hat all of the time – or get a hat box. Will feature Paddington Bear in pictures after I leave London. Maybe I could have some fun with “spot the bear” in a photograph – maybe hide the little bear in a way that people would have to really look at the picture. Hmmm….

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