London On Foot: 12 December 2016 (Monday)

This morning I set off on foot to re-visit some of my favorite spots in London (that were also “in the neighborhood” to where I’m staying. I knew I had to visit Buckingham Palace and also to Harrods, but that is far as I got with my planning.

As I walked in the direction to where I thought the palace should be, I started talking with a couple who said they were Eskimos from Canada. Perhaps being a little too politically correct, I almost corrected them to say that the term Eskimo is out-of-date. Thankfully, I did not – since they have embraced the Eskimo word and I have no say in the matter. In any case, as we were talking they asked if I was also going to Buckingham Palace, and said yes I was and the palace was in (pointing) “that” direction. They walked ahead while I checked my phone and discovered that I was wrong. By this time they were more than a block away. Lesson learned for me! I need to be more questioning of myself and not be so confident – even if I’m wrong.

Along the way to Buckingham Place, I happened to look up and saw a home with a plaque that said it was the location where Mozart had composed his first symphony. In London, and in many European cities, you fall over history (seemingly) at every step. I am still in awe…

At Buckingham Place, I looked for new locations to take a picture. Of course I see if the flag is flying, meaning that she is in residence. After about 15 minutes I was off to see St James’s Palace and Clarence House (Prince Charles’ home and official residence) – just down the street from Buckingham Palace. Got confused as to which is the front and the back side of the buildings. The buildings are turned away from the street and actually face the park – as opposed to Lancaster House located next door. (I’ll take a picture of these homes next time I’m in the neighborhood.)

From there I walked towards Harrods and, along the way, by the Wellington Arch (which I get confused with the Marble Arch which used to sit in front of Buckingham Palace). Also, while talked to Harrods, I saw the Burberry store and then … Harrods. I had no idea what to expect. Was mainly going into just look around and maybe find a place to eat. Perhaps they had a cafe? Then saw Harrods has many places to eat in the building. I settled on a cafe on the 3rd floor.

Dog sculpting with sand. (Guess he is from Romania.)

Look at the food options (below).

Harrods! Massive! So much merchandise! Yes, you can get lost in the store. In any case, found the cafe and had a nice lunch. The electronic and toy sections were fun to walk through. After finishing lunch, I found a street exit and decided to head over to Kensington Palace to see if Wills and Harry might be at home. (William and his family, Harry, and some other royals live in a large wing of Kensington Palace – where they lived when their parents were still married.)

Got to Kensignton just as the last tour was starting. I had been through the palace once before in July and visiting again now that I’m more familiar with the people who lived there. Met a tour guide that essentially gave me the full rundown of the royal family from James I to Victoria. This time, because of some research, I better understood the line of succession and the related history.

On the way out of Kensington Palace, I took pictures of the outdoor Christmas displays.

About this time I decided to head home. While it was getting dark I found some of the shop window interesting – so took some pictures.

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