Thank You Iceland: 8 December 2016

Leaving Iceland today, but will be back – just not sure when. I almost had a chance to see the Northern Lights last night, but think the cloud cover got in the way. I guess it will mean I need to head to Norway next? My host was very kind and alerted me that we might see the lights last night.

Leaving for Edinburgh tonight, stay there until morning, and then catch the train to London. The trip to London is a little over 4 hours and will offer views of England that I have yet to see.

Since my flight to Edinburgh leaves early evening, will have time for the Blue Lagoon. I’m looking forward to soaking in the regenerative water and perhaps get a massage too.

During this trip I explored just a small part of the SW corner of the island. So much more to see, but at least now I have some exposure of the Icelandic language, history, culture, and the beauty and dramatic features of this island. So much to see and learn! Yes, I’ll return for my next lesson and more adventures.

Very much enjoyed my time here and appreciate the generosity, patience and kindness offered by everyone who I met.  Thank you!



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