Keflavik: 7 December 2016

Keflavik is the name of the town where I’ve been staying for nearly a week. Today I decided to see more of this small town. Up to this point, I’ve been heading down the main street to the bus station or to the grocery store.

One of the places I wanted to see was “Viking World” – a museum dedicated to Vikings and their influence on Iceland. The main attraction is the Islendingur, the replica of the Gokstad Viking ship and in 2000 was sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.

One reason I wanted to visit Viking World, aside from learning more about vikings, is because it will give me a reason (like I need one) to walk. There is a well-developed path next to the shore that I used to get to the museum (4.2 km). It took about an hour to walk.

Along the way I took a picture of some of the artwork along the path, a ship repair facility, and a village that showed the early settlements. The first picture is the back of the flat where I’m staying.

If I have time tomorrow, I’ll check out the Museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll. How did I miss this one?

View of Viking World from across the water.

Pictures of early Iceland village. Located next to Viking World. Below are a few of the building that are part of the restored village.

Viking World

The bow and stern of the Islendingur, the replica of the Gokstad Viking ship. Kept wondering: How did these people live on a boat like this?

Took pictures of a display featuring the Norse gods. Got a picture of Freya, Odin and Loki


Miscellaneous Norse gods below.

After a lunch at Soho Catering, a local restaurant, I visited the Duus Museum in Keflavik. One of the amazing exhibits was a boat collection donated by the maker of these display boats, Grimur Karlsson. Had the opportunity to talk to a women, also visiting the museum, who worked in this building when it was used to process the fish. (Keflavik was, and still is, a fishing village.)

So many boats. Was interesting to walk through and admire his craftsmanship and the number of completed boats that are part of this exhibit. Amazing!

Glad I had the chance to walk around this town, if only for a few hours. Definitely a place I’d like to visit again.



2 thoughts on “Keflavik: 7 December 2016”

  1. You make our small town seem so very intersting, well I guess it is, great pictures, Did you enjoy Soho?

    1. I had Soho’s fish and chips and they gave me a plateful, which I enjoyed. I spoke with one of the servers there (she is from Norway) and she spoke of her son who is a ski jumper and will be in the next Olympics. Thank you for the recommendation. For dinner, went to Kaffi Duus and had the salmon and lobster. Was very well-fed yesterday!

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