Daily Journal: 2 December 2016 (Friday)

No update yesterday. By the time I unpacked and settled it last night, it was late and made the easy decision not to publish an update.

As for traveling to Iceland yesterday, it went fairly well. The only hiccup was when my suitcase was weighed I was over by 4kg and that cost me £40 extra. Live and learn…  Otherwise, my bus and tram to the airport were on time, boarding was easy, friendly passengers and crew, quick passage through customs, bag was there on the carousel waiting for me. My hosts met me at the airport and drove me to my flat, then gave me a tour of the place. (And left me all sorts of goodies.)


The Reykjavik airport is in the town where I’m staying. Just a short drive from the airport to my flat.


The map below shows the route from the flat to Reykjavik.


So, given that I’m way out-of-town from Reykjavik, why did I select this place. (See below.)  A view outside my window.



I’m right on the water and have a clear view of the ocean and away from the city. I figured that once I understand the bus schedule, getting into Reykjavik will be easy.

Had a good night’s rest. (The bed was very comfortable.) Funny, I forgot to check to see when sunrise is. Well, now I know. Sunrise is 10:50 a.m.  Sunset is 3:44 p.m. – so I’d better get my daylight activities out of the way between those two hours.

After I finally got out of bed and pulled myself together (coffee and shower), I looked around the town of Keflavik, visited a few stores, ate lunch, and finished putting everything away. I like to unpack everything and hang up clothes, put stuff in drawers, etc. to make it feel like home. My hosts stopped by to see if I had everything and to see if there were any questions. (Nice!)

Have my next several days scheduled. Tomorrow is a 4-wheel drive Golden Circle Tour, Sunday is a personal tour of the SW portion of Iceland, and Monday will be a helicopter tour of central Iceland around the geothermal pools and some mountains. The Blue Lagoon will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll find a day to visit Reykjavik and Thursday I leave for London.

Skál! (Icelandic equivalent of “Cheers”)



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