Daily Journal: 29 November 2016 (Tuesday)

On track to leave Edinburgh Thursday. Made reservations for the return trip to Edinburgh and the train from Edinburgh to London. I booked the round trip flight from Edinburgh to Iceland so I could travel by train to London and enjoy the views along the way. The trip to London is about 4:15 hours and takes me to Kings Cross Station. From there I’m on my own to find my lodgings.

I heard back from my Iceland Airbnb hosts who found someone who will provide a personal tour of Iceland and take me to some of the out-of-the-way places most people wouldn’t see on a typical tour. So, all is lining up well for Iceland.

Today, after working out, I went up to the Royal Mile (the road between the Edinburgh Castle, up on the hill, to the Holyrood Palace at the foot of the hill) to visit some of the stores there and just to walk around, since I hadn’t been up there since I first arrived almost 3 months ago.

On the way up, I saw the castle again and today I fully felt a sense of loss that it will be awhile before I’m back in Edinburgh. So I took some pictures of the castle as a reminder of my time here. The pictures below shows how the castle really is part of your daily walks around the central part of he city.




The picture below shows the lower part of Old Town, above Princes Street Park and below the castle.



Above is a short-cut up to the Royal Mile from the road below. Quite a hike! And look how worn the steps look.


Above – one of the churches along the Royal Mile. And below, looking up towards the castle.


Looking down towards Holyrood Palace and the water beyond. ┬áSt. Giles’ Cathedral is on the right.


And what would a trip to Scotland be without a picture of someone playing the bag pipes.


A look from the Royal Mile down to the city. Another little ally (also called a ‘close’) that leads back to central Edinburgh.


Had a chance to meet Hazel. She and her companion where hanging around the front of a heritage shop along the Royal Mile. I was offered the opportunity to hold Hazel and give a donation to Hazel’s keeper’s organization. One of the keepers took a few pictures of me with Hazel.





And here below are the shoes that I’m retiring. Guess they do look a bit worn. Especially the bottoms.




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