Daily Journal: 27 November 2016 (Sunday)

Woke up to a partly sunny sky and no frost. Didn’t freeze at all last night. Think there is a change in the air and it isn’t because I’m moving on to Iceland. Ha!

Met up with my Airbnb host today and got everything settled before I leave. Will be different being somewhere else since I’ve been here from 3 months. Almost like leaving home.

Received an email today from the people who adopted my cat. Looks like he is honing his climbing skills. Good to see a picture of him. So very fortunate to find a couple of people who really love him. We are each having our adventures!


Went clothes shopping today for some trousers. Found a pair last month at M&S that fit me really well so picked up two more pair of the same brand and size. Below is collection of items that I’m donating to a local charity shop this week before I leave. Out with the old and in with the new. I’ll be sad to see my light-weight walking shoes going away – we did a lot of traveling (and walking) together.







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