Daily Journal: 25 November 2016 (Friday)

I checked the extended forecast for Edinburgh, looks like it will be either sunny or partly sunny through next week – but up here in Scotland, that can change quickly. Very frosty this morning.

Have been checking out tour options in Iceland – so many to choose from. This will keep me occupied for the next few days.

Very much enjoyed reading all of the Thanksgiving updates from friends and family yesterday on Facebook. What a relief to see real updates from real people that I know. Also the messages of thanksgiving and gratitude were inspiring too. Then I had a thought – or actually a new slogan based on the recent election: “Let’s Make Facebook Great Again”

I had a couple of posts from previous years show up on my Facebook newsfeed and it reminded me that most updates were about what we were doing, visiting family, vacations, graduations, and even when people or pets we loved passed away. Maybe the political or other news items can find a place in another forum? I have been blocking people who consistently post pictures and stories of really awful “news” that may or may not be true – some folks are still blocked ¬†and others have been given one more chance. Which is too bad because I would like to keep in touch via Facebook.

Wouldn’t it be easier to let your friends know what makes you happy, share a new recipe, a picture, a restaurant you liked, visiting grandchildren, and even a cute puppy video? And if there is something inspiring to share – then share that rather than the negative. I’m still mulling how to present on Facebook. I rely on Facebook, being out of the country, to keep in touch with so many people.

Now, back to the positive. Moving on to Iceland next Thursday and I’m so (and I don’t use this word often) stoked about going. Very much looking forward a spa day at the Blue Lagoon. I’m thinking that Iceland is a place where geologists, glaciologists, and volcanologists can really geek out. And think I’ll be with them and celebrate our mutual geekness. So stoked!

Beef stew tonight!



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