Daily Journal: 24 November 2016 (Thursday)



Edinburgh has a number of fun decorations that have been installed over the past couple of weeks. Found the above lighting display on George Street as I was walking back from last night’s InterNations gathering. Actually walked the whole way back to the flat, though it was very cool and frosty in some places.


Met a number of interesting people through my involvement with InterNations. I’ll be back to Edinburgh again, later in 2017, and will pick up where we left off. I’ll probably attend events in Budapest and Dublin – two destinations where I’ll be there up to three months.

On the way back from the gym, inquired at a couple of thrift shops about their clothing donation requirements. I have some items to donate that I’ve been carrying with me over the past few months and really haven’t used. (Also to make room in my suitcase for new things that I’ve purchased recently – like new shoes.)

Quiet evening planned. I have so much recorded on Tivo that I haven’t watched yet. I’ll be interested to see what kind of shows I’ll be watching in Iceland. Or maybe I should find a good book to read.





2 thoughts on “Daily Journal: 24 November 2016 (Thursday)”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend. It was a WET and windy day here in the PNW. The lights are lovely and so are you for bringing them to us. Be warm, cozy and blessed.

    1. Yes, I heard it was very wet there and hope that everyone got safely to wherever they were going. Yes, warm and cozy is my goal. 🙂

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