Daily Journal: 19 November 2016 (Saturday)

Another sunny and cool day in Edinburgh. Put my thermal underwear on and headed to the store for some groceries – and used my £10 coupon. This is the third £10 coupon I’ve used and have two more on hand that I won’t be able to use since I have enough groceries to last until the end of the month. But I’ve saved almost $40 so far, so I’m happy with that.

Made chicken fried rice for dinner. I suppose everyone has their own way of making, but I chop up some onions and carrots and soften them up in a pan with seseme oil, then add the chicken and garlic (ginger if you have some). After the chicken is cooked, I add rice then a little soy sauce and oyster sauce. Then, after 5 minutes, add some scrambled eggs and frozen peas. Once the peas are cooked – ready to eat.

Now, time to get ready for the ceilidh. Have to plan my bus route accordingly. It will be in a part of town that I’ve not been to. So, a new adventure!  The blue dot, left of center, is my starting point, and the marker, right of center, is my destination.  Think I’ll get to learn how to do a Scottish reel.


Tomorrow I leave for Inverness.



3 thoughts on “Daily Journal: 19 November 2016 (Saturday)”

  1. Your fried rice has no rice? It sounds good none-the-less but did I miss something? I love me a good coupon savings…especially in Scotland for pounds rather than dollars. Hope the ceilidh was fun and getting there and back was not too adventuresome. Looking forward to hearing about Inverness.

    1. Good catch – didn’t include the rice. I used brown rice. (I’ll update my post.) Got my Inverness update posted.

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