Daily Journal: 15 November 2016 (Tuesday)

Wow that moon was bright! The weather was supposed to be cloudy this morning, and didn’t expect to see the Super Moon, but during an early morning potty break, saw the moon staring back at me through the bathroom window. Almost had to put on my sunglasses!  By that time I was awake, so made the morning coffee.

Decided to update my to-do list this morning and make sure I wrote down everything I’d like to see before leaving Edinburgh. Just seems like I got here! Iceland, here I come…

On the way back from mailing my payment to American Express I passed by a bakery that featured some Scotch Pies. I was hungry, and had never tried one of these pies before, so got a couple to take home with me. (See below.)  It was a beef mince pie, and tasted good after I warmed it up.


I’m starting to get itchy feet and want very much to continue on with my travels. To get the ball rolling, I decided to commit to my stay in Budapest in February (potentially 3 months) and also for Dublin in June (also potentially for 3 months). In both cases, I’d like to book for the first month and see how it goes, then commit for a longer stay. I still need to keep track of how much time I spend in each country so I don’t exceed my legal stay. Felt good to get these two locations booked!

After gym today, I headed down the street to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, just down the street from the health club. When I was there with the InterNations group, we didn’t get a chance to visit all of the galleries, so thought I’d better finish up where we left off. A great space for viewing art and was interested to know that a local person person funded the whole building for the specific purpose of a portrait gallery. Nice building!


Tonight for dinner is Hungarian Goulash – my first attempt. I even added the parsnips – which I guess is a traditional ingredient. Really nice to make a meal where it is all in one bowl.



2 thoughts on “Daily Journal: 15 November 2016 (Tuesday)”

  1. Hi Twin! Sounds like you are trying more dishes and even cooking! Any pics of your homemade meals? Doesn’t seem like I’ll get to come see you, we need a new roof. Catching up on your blog, been busy here! Miss you!

    1. I’ve been cooking the whole time and rarely eat out. Using most of my U.S. recipes, but have added a few regional ones along the way. Think I’ve added some pictures along the way and will add more now that you’ve shown interest. I’ll be here a couple of more years – so pay off your roof and come and see me. I can easily get a two bedroom flat and will make traveling much more affordable.

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