Daily Journal: 14 November 2016 (Monday)

Woke up to 50 F (10 C) this morning. Heat wave! No rain though.

Was awake at 3:00 a.m. this morning. Wide awake. Made some coffee and looked for places to stay in Budapest and Dublin. That kept me busy for about an hour when I decided to try sleep again – and it worked!

Today I decided I better try to figure out how to make a payment to my UK American Express card. I got the card to make it easier to shop without having to sign for a receipt. It never occurred to me that I would have difficulties in making a payment.

A week or so ago, when I got my first invoice, I made an inquiry. The person I spoke to said to go into a bank and give them a “sort code” and “account number” and they would take a cash payment. (I can’t open a UK account because I don’t have a registered address.) ┬áToday, after gym, I went to a Bank of Scotland branch and used the sort code and account number – and it didn’t work. Called American Express and also tried another bank. Then inquired if I could get a money order, and again I need to have a registered address or a UK bank account. I knew there was a way, but guess just didn’t ask the right questions. Finally, I called American Express again and they suggested providing payment using my American checking account! Eureka! So tomorrow I’ll write out a check and drop it in the mail. ┬áDone!

The above story is a sample of what to expect when moving to Europe. I’m sure that people moving to the U.S. have similar experiences. In the end, patience makes it all workable.

After all that, when I came home, there was a knock on the door and my new shoes were delivered.


And to celebrate, I’m going to order pizza for dinner tonight! I’ve been craving pizza and tonight is the night! I’ll take my new red shoes for test walk.



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