Daily Journal: 13 November 2016 (Sunday)

It’s Raining! Good full day of rain today. Was able to get to the store and gym without getting to wet – though took the bus back from the gym because it was starting to come down fairly good later in the afternoon. Took a look at the time when the sun is setting today: 4:08 p.m. which really isn’t that much different than Portland, which is 4:24 p.m. – just seems real early to me.

But I started the day off right. Had the apfelstrudel from yesterday as my breakfast/lunch. Was going to just have half, but after warming the oven, decided to have it all. Looks small on the plate, but it was more than enough “goodness” for breakfast. Given the calorie count – decided to skip breakfast and lunch.


Other than grocery shopping and gym, and submitting this update, not much activity today. Just catching up on emails and other paperwork, looking at locations to stay in Budapest (February – April) and Dublin (June – August).

Also, figured out what happened to the movie that I was watching, via Apple TV, last night. About 30 minutes before the end, the movie stopped and got the data loading graphic that kept turning and turning. It was too late to figure out, so left it until this afternoon. Turns out I needed to re-set the Apple TV device, which is one of the “care and feeding” things. No warning from the device or mention in the instructions, but a procedure I had to do with the Apple TV I had in the states.

Having roasted chicken and rice tonight. The boiler is keeping the flat warm and comfortable. Maybe I can get an early start on some sleep. We’ll see…



One thought on “Daily Journal: 13 November 2016 (Sunday)”

  1. Hi Phil!
    Sounds like you are having fun and learning a lot of new things. I catch up on your blog every few weeks. Hoang and I had a great hike up the back way of Multnomah Falls plus up to the summit at Devil’s Rest. It’s almost 10 miles of STEEP hiking. Today my quadriceps are sore! We are going to miss you this Thanksgiving at Buff’s house! I remember we had a nice walk together last Thanksgiving. It will be a smaller group this year.
    We are moving mom into an assisted living facility this week and next weekend. Her memory is going and she can’t see to do the things a person needs to do (bathing, cooking, etc). She will have her meals in the dining room which I think she will learn to like, even though now she chooses not to socialize.
    It’s raining here, too! I sure enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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