Daily Journal: 12 November 2016 (Saturday)

But I walked over 10,000 steps today!

(No, I’m not going to allow myself to feel guilty about what I did.) 

This is what lead up to my non-guilt experience….

Woke up at a reasonable time today (before 10:00 a.m.) and saw that it was sunny and it was going to be 50 F (10 C) outside – so rather than go to the gym, thought I’d take a walk and do some exploring.

On a program that I’ve been following, Paul Hollywood’s Pads and Pies, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03hcv64 he featured a baker who had a shop in Edinburgh, Falko Konditomeister. This bakery is also near “The Meadows” – a large park near the center of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh. So that was the plan – visit the bakery, the park and the university.

Was a good 40 minute walk to the bakery and enjoyed the various shops and churches along the way. I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the bakery, but did see from the Paul Hollywood program, that the owner knew how to prepare fine desserts (from their website, they call themselves “a small German bakery in Scotland specializing in premium quality, traditionally made, German Konditorei cakes and gâteaux.) When I arrived, I saw they had a full menu so I asked for a table and ordered coffee, a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, and a Chocolate Trufflecream Gâteaux. I’m thinking at least 2,000 calories. (No guilt, just enjoy!)

Before I left Falko Konditomeister, I asked for an apfelstrudel as a take away. The apfelstrudel was one of the desserts that was prepared on the Paul Hollywood program and wanted to try for myself.

After that filling and delicious lunch, I headed towards The Meadows. Enjoyed the neighborhoods that I walked through. One was a pitch and putt field/park and saw people practicing their golf. (Not easy to see in the picture below.)


This area has several parks which lead me to The Meadows and then to the University of Edinburgh.




In the picture above, of The Meadows, Arthur’s Seat can be seen in the background.  Just as I passed through the University, I came upon the Royal Mile – and just took the one picture below.


Saw a small informal parade that was heading from the Royal Mile down to Princes street. Got a picture of the floats that were in the parade. Not sure what the parade was about, but heard bagpipes and drums, then a group of dancers (maybe from India?) performed.


Got a good late afternoon picture of Edinburgh’s “New Town” area before I headed home.


After posting this, will get in a nap….


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