Daily Journal: 10 November 2016 (Thursday)

Another chilly day in Edinburgh. Woke up to mostly cloudy skies and a little rain. Think it never got above 40 degrees today.

Got an early start to the gym, then headed over to the Bank of Scotland to send in my last pre-payment to stay in London. (I had to use an ATM to give me cash that I used to deposit to my host’s bank account – and could only withdraw 200 GBP each day.)

Other than that, really lazy day today. Did some grocery shopping, came home, watched Ellen (in UK, is about a week behind the US), then took a nap. For dinner, making baked chicken and will grate parmesan cheese and bake 5 more minutes, with brown rice and brussel sprouts.

Last night, with the InterNations group, had fun talking with some new people while we watched others in the group participate in a ping pong tournament. Always hear great stories and adventures from those who attend. Met someone who translates English into German for technical manuals and confirms that I wasn’t crazy when I couldn’t understand people in Munich speaking German – many other people have the same problem. Will look forward to our next get together.



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