Daily Journal: 8 November 2016 (Tuesday)

Woke up early this morning, at around 6:30 a.m., after a fairly good sleep. I never have been good about getting consistent sleep, in terms of going to bed at a given time, staying asleep, and waking up at the same time each day. The later, I’m good when I have an alarm that wakes me – and when the alarm goes off, I’m up and ready. Not a fan of the snooze setting.

I have my lodging in London squared away for December. Will be in London after I wrap up in Iceland on the 8th of December and will stay until the first part of January. I’ll check with my brother again to see if he will be coming over in January, and if not, I’ll make other plans. I had planned to return to Zermatt Switzerland in January and have been thinking about also planning at trip to see the pyramids and Luxor before heading to Budapest in February.

After lunch today, headed to the gym and now making good progress in my cardio and weight endurance. I’m also looking at gyms in London and maybe I’ll settle on one when I arrive.

Making chicken fried rice tonight. The brown rice, so far, is not turning out as expected. I’m sure I’ll get it to my preferred consistency by the time I put it together with the other ingredients.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably wake up very early and get caught up on election results. Reality is interesting. You couldn’t write a movie, book or TV story about this year’s election events, the people, and the drama. I’m looking forward to living long enough for historians to reflect on the changes since this year’s election and note how the American people have come together to make our country, and the world in general, a better place to live. Wouldn’t that be something!



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