Daily Journal: 7 November 2016 (Monday)

Great weather this morning, not too cold and mostly sunny. Headed off to Waverley Station to catch the train to Dundee. Had it timed almost to the minute because the train left the station less than a minute after I boarded. Yikes!


Nice ride up to Dundee. Was getting a little restless in Edinburgh and need to hit the road (or rail in this case). Also, wanted to see the Forth Train Bridge and the Tay Train Bridge that were the subjects of a documentary I saw recently. Both bridges are iconic and, due to each of their span’s length, re-set the bar for future bridge-building.

I had posted the Forth Train Bridge in an earlier post (and again below). It spans the firth between South and North Queensferry.


After crossing the Forth Bridge, I took some pictures of the views from the train window. The clouds were very dramatic this morning.








Near the train station in Dundee is the Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery as was the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in Britain and it was designed for Antarctic research – launched in 1901. It is docked there as part of an exhibition at the dock.


Only stayed in Dundee for a couple of hours. Walked around and visited some churches and saw a monument on the hill behind the city. (I’ll have to research later.) Didn’t want to climb up the hill – looked very steep.


Saw a sign for a Mexican restaurant. Nice to combine a little of Scotland with Mexico.


A good picture of the Tay Bridge was difficult to get – it is so long and really hugs close to the water. The picture is what it is…


Had a fine ride back to Edinburgh while the weather was still good – though could see some dark clouds making their way into the Dundee. Got a picture of the town across the firth from Dundee. Looks very serene there.


Picked up my dry cleaning on the way back home from the train station. Very reasonable price to dry clean and press three shirts (4.25 GBP) – which is a little over $5.00.

Tonight I’m having the rest of the beef stew and tomorrow I’m making chicken fried rice.

And I might have to go back and get some more cheese from the cheesemonger. The cheese I bought yesterday was really (really!) good and went well with the apples. More please!



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