Daily Journal: 6 November 2016 (Sunday)

Woke up to partially cloudy skies and a forecast of rain. As it turned out, the rain stayed away and it was partly sunny all day.

Made it to the gym around 1:30 this afternoon with all the best intentions of going out to the Forth Bridge afterwards.  (See below.)



However, I was having difficulties figuring out which bus to take to get over there since it isn’t very close to the center of Edinburgh. By the time I got it all sorted out, it was getting late. However, tomorrow I’m planning on taking a train over the Forth Bridge and go up to Dundee. That is the plan – we shall see.

As for last night’s Guy Fawkes Night. It was interesting. I walked up to Calton Hill around 6:00 p.m. and found out that everyone else, it seemed, had the same idea. Was very crowded and dark. Thankfully with the torch (the local name for flashlight) on my phone, was able to make my way around. I hung out at the edge of the hill facing north. I happened to check my phone for details on some of the firework displays and found out that many were cancelled due to high winds. Yes, if was very cold and windy on Calton Hill and I stayed until 6:47. By then my nose was getting very cold and people were still coming up the hill – though a number of people were leaving too. While on the hill, I could see some random fireworks in the distance from those who had their own neighborhood displays, but it looks like for this year, the big displays will have to wait until next year.  It was good to get out of the house and go for an evening walk – and to break in the new shoes. The pictures were of Edinburgh facing north from Calton Hill. (I guess all it shows is that Edinburgh, even close to the center of the city, isn’t well lit.)




Now getting back to today’s events… On the way back home from the gym and the failed attempt at the Forth Bridge, I stopped by one of the local cheesemongers in Stockbridge and asked about a cheese that would be good with apple. Was given a number of choices to sample. One cheese was described as not being “too goaty” in flavor. (Thought that was funny.) Settled on some gouda cheese to try with some apple tonight. I have so much to learn about cheese, but this was a good start.

img_20161106_160244751_hdr Cutting the cheese (with string)

img_20161106_160255040 Cheese Selection


(Almost 5 GBP for a sliver of cheese. Yikes!)



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