Daily Journal: 5 November 2016 (Saturday)

Clear skies again in Edinburgh and it is forecasted to stay that way through this evening – which should be great for watching fireworks. (Guy Fawkes Night)

Left around noon to go for a work out and then planned to get some new shoes afterward. As I’m feeling better, I’m adding back more do my daily workouts – which I like.

I’ve had good luck with Merrell shoes so planned to buy another pair to replace my everyday “good weather” Merrell walking shoes. My current pair’s soles are wearing out and is smooth is some spots. There are several shops in the area close to my gym that sell Merrell’s and found a good pair that were light and had good, sturdy tread.


From there, I walked down to Dean Village to take some pictures. It really is like walking back in time and the area is in a small valley so you really can’t hear noise from the city – it really is a little village oasis in the city. ┬áThe village used to have many mills that used the Water of Leith to power the mills. The last picture in the series below is Dean Bridge that spans this little urban valley and the Water of Leith.






The picture below is the monument over St. Bernard’s Well. The monument was constructed in 1789. The waters from the well were (or are) said to have medicinal properties – a cure for arthritis, back ache, and even total blindness. There are those (quoting from Wiki) who have described the taste of the water as having the “odious twang of hydrogen gas” or even like “the washings from a foul gun barrel”. In any case, the monument is shown below with the statue of Hygieia, Goddess of Health.


I’ll leave soon to watch the fireworks in celebration of Guy Fawk’s Night. I’ll have pictures to post tomorrow.




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