Daily Journal: 2 November 2016 (Wednesday)

Another sunny and crisp day welcomed me this morning. Decided to do more walking around. I headed up to the large shopping mall up the road, about a 25 minute walk. Decided that I really did want some new clothes and there were some stores up there with some good selections.

I really like the walk up to this local mall. Plenty to see along the way – and no hills to climb. (Thumbs up!)  After looking through some stores at the mall, including a Nike Outlet Store, I found some things that I liked at M&S (Marks and Spencer). I had just finished the purchase and felt a little flushed and very tired. (Don’t think I’m completely over my bug.)  So decided to take the bus back rather than walk – though disappointed that I wouldn’t get a good walk in today. (Be careful what you wish for.) So I hopped on a bus that I thought was heading in the right direction, but it took a turn that had us going towards the water instead of inland – so I got off the bus. I saw the next bus wasn’t for another 20 minutes and I was almost 40 minutes away, by walking, to home base. At the same time, I realized I was feeling better and decided to walk back after all. So I did and managed to get in over 12,000 steps, so it was a good day.

But I did get in an afternoon nap. One of the perks of being retired. I woke up from the nap thinking that I should start planning how to celebrate Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes Day) on the 5th. Then watched Ellen, which is now shown in the U.K. and decided to post a blog update.

Checked the delivery status of my ballot.  Here it is:


Now to eat and do my weekly wash.



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