Daily Journal: 1 November 2016 (Tuesday)

Woke up this morning and was surprised that it was a clear and sunny day. (Yesterday’s weather forecast said it was going to be cloudy with a chance of rain.) Then I checked the temperature and it was around 36 F (2 C) outside. And then I thought, what a great day to go for a long walk.

I had said that I would re-visit the Royal Botanic Garden again and though a walk through the Garden as the leaves were changing would be perfect. It looks so different now. Very much enjoyed walked down the various paths through the Garden and tried to stay in the sun as much as possible – was still a bit chilly in the shade.

Found a tree that I thought expressed the season very well.


Next, walked through Dean Village, just down the road from Stockbridge. I’ll have to return again to Dean Village since I just passed through and didn’t stop. (Dean is from the word, Dene, meaning ‘deep valley’.)

From there I walked over to St. Andrew’s Square and thought I might do some clothes shopping. After going through a few stores, I decided that I had everything I needed. Though might get a hoodie to wear under my parka.

Feeling much better now. Also, done with my Efudex treatment too – just waiting for the last of the red blotches to disappear.


2 thoughts on “Daily Journal: 1 November 2016 (Tuesday)”

  1. I have missed reading your blog for a few days and have been binge reading to get caught up. I can say it renewed my appreciation of all your travels and how much you share. Just wanted you to know I am still a joyful participant through your blog even if I was incommunicado for a while. Glad to hear you are feeling better too.

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