Daily Journal: 31 October 2016 (Monday)

Happy Halloween! Saw some people dressed up for Halloween, but not many. Maybe will see more in the evening. Currently 57 F / 14 C and partly sunny at 4:00 p.m.

Was well enough to put in some time at the gym and did a partial workout. Really tuckered me out. Making some split pea soup – so will have some delicious soup for the next few days. (I’m not too modest when it comes to my split pea soup.)

Received my ballot today in the mail and sent it back so I can be counted in Oregon. I’ll have to get the absentee ballot process figured out before the next election. Just didn’t have time to sort out the process before leaving Portland.

Found out some information on a shop that I pass on the way to the gym. Up to a couple of days ago, as I passed Doubtfire Gallery, just thought it was funny that it had the same ‘Doubtfire’ name as the movie, “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Until I read more about the history of Stockbridge and found out that the two are related! Following the picture below, is some background info I found.

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“The original Mrs. Doubtfire or “Madame Doubtfire” lived and ran a rag and bone shop in South East Circus Place, Stockbridge. The novelist Anne Fine who also lived in the area was inspired by the name which remained faded above her shop (now a solicitors) many years after Madame Doubtfire’s death. Her novel of the same name was in turn the inspiration for the movie based on her book, although Robin William’s character bares little resemblance to the ‘real’ Madame Doubtfire.”  (South East Circus Place is where this gallery is located.)

Around the corner from Doubtfire Gallery, there has been roadwork in process since September to repair or update the cobblestone streets. I’ve been interested in the process of this work, and can see that it goes very slow given that each stone needs to be handled. A very noisy process as well since the digger removes the stones then uses the digger’s bucket to shake off the mortar. Anyway, thought I’d include a picture.


My last stop on the way back from the gym was to the pharmacy. I had run out of Aleve, that I take when my back or legs hurts. The product ‘Aleve’ is not sold in the U.K. so I was going to ask for the equivalent. At first, a pharmacy clerk said that the active ingredient, Naproxen, is not available in the U.K. – but just as she said that, another clerk said that Naproxen was in fact used in another product. Please see below. No more explanation is needed, but we had a good laugh as I paid for the product.



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