Daily Journal: 29 October 2016 (Saturday)

Another fine cool day in Edinburgh. Still not feeling 100% so taking it easy and getting rest. Early this afternoon, decided to get up, take a shower and head over to the local Waitrose to pick up some food supplies.

While resting and watching TV, thought about renting a car and taking a trip up the eastern coast of Scotland. Saw a documentary about the small ports up the coast north of Edinburgh. I’m still not sure about driving, but I’ll give it some thought and will see what happens.

I took some pictures of the bins used to collect trash and items that can be recycled. Very impressed with the effort of everyone to separate out their items and use the bins as intended. I enjoy the sound of the rig that picks up the glass – the sound of recycling at work!

img_20161024_155615135 General Rubbish

img_20161024_155636257 Food

img_20161024_155654798_hdr Plastic Bottles and Packaging Materials

img_20161024_155658613_hdr Newspapers and Magazines

img_20161024_155711786_hdr Glass

Extra pictures:

img_20161024_154510009 Funny!

img_20161024_155320066 Parking Payment Station

img_20161026_171123 Ordering at McDonald’s



One thought on “Daily Journal: 29 October 2016 (Saturday)”

  1. I’m also enjoying your dumpster photos! I took a whole series of them and have them framed on my wall. Great work, hope you’re enjoying this trip.

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