Arthur’s Seat

Today’s update is going to be really short. Got home a little while ago after walking somewhere between 20,544 (Smart Wristband) and 21,868 (Phone) steps today, or about 10 miles. And I’m tired! Most of the steps were going up to Arthur’s Seat, the highest point in Edinburgh.



Authur’s Seat is the highest point of the hills of Holyrood Park, within Edinburgh. The rest of the pictures will be posted tomorrow.

Daily Journal: 26 October 2016 (Wednesday): Was up late this morning and woke to sunny weather again. So, decided to head out to climb up Authur’s Seat. (Somehow that sounds odd.) Planned to do a lot of walking and a little climbing today, so dressed in layers. It was breezy outside as well. Thankful that I have Shepard Pie leftovers for dinner tonight – just need to warm up. Will have a more complete update tomorrow.



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