Daily Journal: 24 October 2016 (Monday)

Daily Journal: 24 October 2016 (Monday)

Temperature got down to 36 degrees (2.2 Celsius) last night – getting close to freezing, but haven’t seen anything in the weather forecast about colder weather. One of these days I’ll probably keep the heat on overnight rather than turn it off before I go to bed.

Seems that most places where I’ve stayed have a boiler within the flat and registers scattered around in each of the rooms. The register in the bath also serves as a towel warmer. We’ll see how warm the place stays when cooler weather sets in.

Used most of this morning researching a trip up to Dundee or Aberdeen (north of Edinburgh). I’d like to go over the bridges that respectively span the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Tay.  (A Firth is like a large sea bay, or even a strait, and even can be a smaller inlet.)  The Forth is located next to Edinburgh and the Tay is up in Dundee. Both bridges each span a wide expanse of water and were considered to be engineering marvels when they were built.

I’m also starting to research a January trip to Giza, Egypt (pyramids) and to Luxor. Also a visit to Italy (Florence and Venice) that I’ll combine with the Egypt trip. Some great fares to Florence from London around the first part of January. I’m thinking about flying from Italy to Egypt, which is practically “in the neighborhood” from each other.

Made my way to the gym early this afternoon. (Took two days off.) Yesterday, I decided to put together a photo project that provides a closer look at life in Edinburgh. Took most of the pictures while going to and from the gym this afternoon, but there were a couple of shops that were not open today that I’ll include in tomorrow’s update.

Finishing off the Paprika Chicken tonight and will make a Shepard Pie tomorrow. Watching more of the Victoria series tonight on Apple TV. This series is very well done and historically accurate, with undoubtedly some dramatic license taken to emphasize the story. This is the telling of how Victoria became queen at 18 and her relationship and marriage with Albert (her first cousin). Don’t think this series is available in the U.S. at this time. Below is a link to the opening credits.

Victoria Series (Opening)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECSnDV7DS88


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