Daily Journal: 23 October 2016 (Sunday)

Daily Journal: 23 October 2016 (Sunday) 

Overcast and cold again today, but did get a little sun this morning. Was up first around 5:30 a.m. to drink some coffee then went back to bed. Just because I can.

Then I remembered I was going to pick up my new Apple TV today. Yesterday, I ordered the RJ45 and HDMI cords via Amazon, and with my Prime account, they will arrive today (next day delivery). I just need to go via bus to the store where I will pickup the Apple TV appliance.  Was surprised that several outlets who carry the device did not have any in stock. The store that did have it is about 45 minutes away by bus.

Also, today I needed to get a load of wash going. Nice to have a washing machine in the flat. But, yet to have a washer with a dryer, so that means I get to hang up my wash to dry. I miss the fluffy softness when I used a dryer, with fabric softener.

Took a shower and then applied one of two daily doses of Efudex to my face and top of head. I put it on twice a day for two weeks each year. It really does a great job helping to prevent skin cancer (basal carcinoma) from recurring – and since it works like an acid peal, the overall results are nice.

I bought some bus passes on-line, so when I got onto the bus this morning to take me to Curry’s, where my Apple TV is on hold, I just activate the ticket on my phone and show the driver. I like the Edinburgh bus system. Easy to tell if the buses going in one direction are headed into the central part of Edinburgh or outside of the city, by looking up at the bus stop sign. Each shelter has the routes of the buses that stop there along with the time of all of the stops. In this case, I had to take the local bus to central Edinburgh, then catch another bus heading out to Fort Kinnaird Park Shopping Center. It all worked out well since I didn’t really have to wait for a bus, and when I got to each stop it was there (or a wait for a few minutes) – both to and from the Fort Kinnaird Park Shopping Center.

Got back to the flat and immediately starting setting up the Apple TV. The connecting of the wires went okay and got a picture on the TV, but I need to set up another iTunes account for the UK so I can see programs from the UK. Nice that I can still use my US account to see shows from the US. I just have to remember which account I’m signed into. Apparently there are restrictions about what shows can be shown in certain countries.

For lunch had a toasted cheese sandwich, followed up by some hot chocolate milk. The cheddar cheese that I find in the stores is a very pale yellow and almost brittle to cut. The flavor, however, is amazing! I miss Tillamook cheese, but this chedder is great for cooking.

I managed to get my exercise straps out and set up for tomorrow’s workout. (They have been sitting in the bottom of my closet since I moved in on 30 August.) These are straps that you set up, a sturdy door to hold you, and the straps are used while doing various moves that address different parts of the body. I’ll use these in the morning before I head out to the gym as warm ups. This is one of the few flats that I’ve stayed in that had a sturdy door in a location that I could use.

Tonight will be Paprika Chicken leftovers and movie night. Would be nice to have some howling wind, but I’m sure that will come soon enough. This is Scotland!

Forgot to add that I’ve been watching a series on famous bridges in the UK and one of them is in Edinburgh – will probably go see that next week. It is the Forth Bridge, a cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth. Making a list of the remaining bridges which I’ll try to see while I’m here.



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