My Home in Edinburgh (Stockbridge/Comely Bank)

In an earlier post I showed where in Edinburgh I was living. Thought it might be helpful to describe the area where I live as well. Technically, I live in Comely Bank, situated between Stockbridge and Craigleith – but much closer to Stockbridge.

comelybank Comely Bank

There are only a few shops within Comely Bank, since it is almost 100% residential. Like my street as shown below. Comely Bank seems to be almost all tenements (or apartments), rather than homes. Those that are homes, would almost always are attached to the home next to it. From what I’ve read, most of these buildings in Comely Bank are from the late 19th century to the 1930’s. Also I see where the writer Thomas Carlyle lived on Comely Bank Road between 1819 and 1821.

If you’d like to see inside my flat, the pictures and description from my Airbnb hosts describe it better than I could.  Here is the link:  (comfortable, remodeled, and quiet)

The fun part is that just 5 minutes away is Stockbridge. A little village, with shops mainly on one street. All the shops and restaurants are well-maintained and varied. (Yes, there is a Starbucks and Domino’s Pizza, but the rest of the shops and restaurants are unique to the area. I ventured out last Saturday, around 9:00 p.m., and the restaurants were in full swing, attracting a good crowd. Also, some charity thrift shops that look interested – will have to visit them one of these days.

stockbridge Stockbridge

And some pictures of the street…




I pass through Stockbridge to get to my health club. I sometimes go up one side of the street going and the other side coming back. Very convenient to stop in the local Sainsbury’s to pick up something on the way back from the gym. For those familiar with Portland, it is very much like 23rd Avenue.

Each Sunday, there is open air market. I’ve gone a couple of times and for a small space, there are a surprising variety of local products and food, including fruits and vegetables. There is also a vendor that makes paella – haven’t tried yet. Maybe next time.









4 thoughts on “My Home in Edinburgh (Stockbridge/Comely Bank)”

  1. Hello! Your apartment is lovely! I especially love to see the heated towel racks- one of my favorite things and oh and I love Weetabix!. Edinburgh is such a great place! Two places Chris and I liked outside of Edinburgh are Pitlochry and Blair Atholl. Blair Atholl is home to Blair Castle which you may enjoy. Pitlochry has a fish ladder which would no doubt remind you of home. Both have a train station and I think you can also take a bus. Beautiful places! Glad to see you’ve taken some time to settle a bit- you had one busy summer!

    1. Hey Susan – good to hear from you. Yes, apartment is working out well. Yes, looking forward to the heated towel rack once I turn on the heating system – not quite cold enough yet. Weather has been great – been cool and not cold, a number of sunny days, and minimal rain (so far). I’ll add your suggestions to my to-do list. I’ve been a homebody for the most part but will get out more now that I’ve rested. And quite a summer it was, and in a good way. Of course say hello to the OHSU folks. If you have any more suggestions, please send along when you have a moment.

  2. As much as I enjoy seeing all the sights through your eyes it is fun to hear about you flat and the day to day things. Your place looks very nice and comfortable. A good place to call home for awhile. Good for you.

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