The Royal Botanic Garden – Edinburgh

I’ve been waiting for the right day to venture over to the Royal Botanic Garden, just down the road from where I’m staying in Edinburgh.


Speaking of which, I haven’t included a map of where I’m staying. As you can see from the map below, I’m close to the center of the city and can walk to almost everything. I’m a few blocks away from Stockbridge, which is considered a suburb of Edinburgh – more like the Pearl District, or even South Waterfront in Portland. I’ll include pictures of Stockbridge shops in another update.


My address is: 5/11 Comley Bank Row (the 5 is the building number and 11 is my flat number)  Edinburgh postal code of EH4 1DZ. Google EH4 1DZ and it will take you almost to my door – great postal numbering system.

Okay – back to the Royal Botanic Garden. There are actually three other sites as well: Dawyck, Logan and Benmore – with Edinburgh being the main garden and headquarters.

As you can see, a short walk for me this morning. Going through the West Gate Entrance, I entered the visitor center where I picked up a map and headed into the gardens.

(Note: At the time I published this update, the Garden’s website appeared to be unavailable. I’ll put in a map of the garden when the website has been restored.)

I first went to the Inverleith House, which is close to the center of the gardens and offers a view of Edinburgh. Inverleith House is used now as a museum for modern art, which I toured before heading to the next location.

img_20160917_182027 View of Edinburgh from Inverleith House

img_20160917_182051 Inverleith House

img_20160917_182110 View of gardens from Inverleith House

Heading from Inverleith House to the north side of the gardens, I saw the Herbaceous Border and Beech Hedge.

img_20160917_112641083 Herbaceous Border and Beech Hedge

Through the headge, I saw and toured the Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden. The center was this hedge garden which was surrounded by smaller spaces all around the hedge garden. In the picture below, there is a building at the far end that can be used for small receptions. There is a picture of the Queen dedicating the park that I Googled, but didn’t include here.

img_20160917_112828398_hdr img_20160917_181953

I saw where the Queen Mother’s home, the Castle of Mey, is open for visitors. I probably will not visit since it is 3 hours away from Inverness. Very remote – but you never know where I’ll end up.


Next I visited the Glasshouses, which are a series of green houses that contain a variety of both rare and common plants that require special climates. Each of these greenhouses were individually maintained. Was quite interesting to go from one to another – you never knew if you were going to the tropics or the hot desert, or somewhere in between.

Difficult to describe each picture, so I’ll just include some of the pictures I took during my visit. I entered through the Temperate Palm House, first opened in 1858.







img_20160917_115131361_hdr Felt at times I was on a different world

img_20160917_115159055 img_20160917_115310626 img_20160917_115508987_hdr img_20160917_115816304

img_20160917_115830493 img_20160917_115926133

img_20160917_120641690 img_20160917_120712151

Found a couple of interesting signs.

img_20160917_181803 img_20160917_181831

And beautiful flowers. These are from within the greenhouses and outside in the gardens.

img_20160917_181907 img_20160917_181736

img_20160917_181710 Morticia Addams would like this one.

img_20160917_181606 img_20160917_181549 img_20160917_181529 img_20160917_181511 img_20160917_181456  img_20160917_181414 img_20160917_181151

Just when I was ready to leave greenhouse #10, I wondered if I would see a Venus Flytrap. Not sure why I thought this – it just popped into my head. In less than 5 minutes, I saw the Venus Flytrap display. Timing is everything…  (See below.)


There were a number of Monkey Puzzle trees on display.

img_20160917_122228311  A couple of Monkey Puzzle treesimg_20160917_122244198 Close Up

img_20160917_122207263  Some facts

Walked around the gardens…


img_20160917_122110715_hdr Some of the greenhouses


img_20160917_123850890 img_20160917_123951685_hdr

img_20160917_124124807_hdr img_20160917_124223087

I will have to go back again. Bet if I reversed my walk through the gardens I’d get a different perspective. Will give it a try!

On my way out (East Entrance), I took a picture of the gate.


Just outside the gate, I found the William Playfair house, or thought I did. The house has his name on it. I’ll go back and check out further. Also, this house could belong to one of two people named William Playfair. Actually, this is kind of fun for me….


Walking home, I passed a building called “Union House”. Now it contains businesses – was built in 1911 as a Christian Science church.


And more more stop. Even closer to my flat, is Inverleith Park. Just walked by the lake and will visit again for a longer visit in the near future.

img_20160917_131326321_hdr img_20160917_131332789_hdr

Have to include one more picture. Reminded me of growing up in Hood River. My cousins who I know are following my adventures will enjoy this too.


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    1. Glad you liked and noticed the Orchard Road sign too. Yes, in the first glass house, were some full-sized palm or date trees (not sure of the difference) and other interesting plants. If you ever get to Scotland, this is wonderful place to visit. I’ll go back again, and maybe again too.

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