Britannia (The Royal Yacht)

Wanted to do something fun today, some walking and also looked forward to getting down to the water.  (Edinburgh’s harbor faces the North Sea.)  Saw that I was about an hour away from the harbor by foot – guess I’ll let Google lead the way.

Good that my goal for the day was the decommissioned Britannia, the Royal Yacht – on permanent display in Edinburgh. Was commissioned in 1953 and decommissioned in 1997.

Most of the way, with Google as my guide, to the harbor was through urban trails and essentially avoided the main streets, which was okay by me. Most of the time, was near Water of Leith, the main river in Edinburgh.

IMG_20160906_102809553 Urban Pathway

IMG_20160906_134525739_HDR Water of Leith

The yacht Britannia is a very large ship. Didn’t quite get the whole ship in a picture, but this is the best I could do.

IMG_20160906_130313759_HDR IMG_20160906_170907

Got a few pictures of me too.  (I’ve been asked to include more selfies.)

IMG_20160906_125608170 IMG_20160906_170815 (I’m getting better with taking a selfie.)

The other one, on the right, was taken by a crew member.

Got to see much of the ship, including the royal bedrooms and studies, lounges, and it seemed that there was a lot of drinking. Most every lounge had a bar of some sort.

IMG_20160906_113933116_HDR (Note the gin.)

IMG_20160906_115748061_HDR IMG_20160906_120052259

Went up and had tea and a sandwich in the royal family dinning room. Many commoners were also there, but they behaved themselves. You can see this room in the picture below. After touring the ship, you could say the Queen and Prince Philip were treated like royalty.


I didn’t take a lot of pictures. You can probably Google and get the same thing. I did like the formal dinning room – which is where special guests, like Churchill dined when he was on board.



Edinburgh Sunsets

More pictures from my window. Great sunset pictures from last night.




2 thoughts on “Britannia (The Royal Yacht)”

  1. Inquiring minds… Why did you choose Edinburgh to stay for 3 months? Do you have ties to that area? Is there a lot to see in that area? You’ll be there until you go to London at Christmastime? I encourage selfies too..:):)

    1. Good catch – guess I never explained why I’m in Edinburgh. I’ll try to remember to add this bit of information in my next post. The short answer is, no ties to the area – though my brother expressed interest in visiting Scotland in November. The 3 month duration is so I can settle in and relax (and explore too) from one location. And to cool off after so many hot days. Yes, will be here until I leave for London in December – at least that is the current plan. Thanks for asking!

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