Getting Settled

Nice to get settled in!

After a few days, now have a pantry full of food, and the few items I have with me are now stowed away and can now safely operate all of the kitchen appliances.  Success!

Remember the Weetabix cereal that I bought? I’ve been trying it out for the past few days – and I like it! Sometimes with a little yogurt, but always with some fruit.


With my coffee too! I have been using an AeroPress to make coffee for the past few years. All I need is some hot water and some coffee. Easy and efficient. Also easy to pack away.

The past few days I’ve been taking care of personal business that I let slide while I’ve been moving from place to place. There are still some open items in Oregon that need my attention, but have been closing them out now that I feel more settled.

Have been enjoying the weather here and looking at the various cloud formations. Perhaps with the higher latitude, the clouds are more interesting to watch. It could be that I’ve missed seeing clouds for the past few months and now they are a welcome friend.

IMG_20160902_225450  From Dean Bridge

IMG_20160905_172727 Taken from Flat

Today I joined a gym. About a 20 minute walk, and has many of the same features from OHSU’s March Wellness where I was a member for 3 years. My goal is 6 days a week. Need to get back into a consistent routine.

IMG_20160905_154217 Bannatyne Health Club and Spa

Have been going on a number of walks around the neighborhood and into central Edinburgh. The picture below was on my walk to a local shopping center to pick up new socks. It looks back on my local neighborhood in the distance.


Got myself all trimmed and ready. (Not sure for what.)  Haircut and pedicure on Saturday.

Also, have a new phone number. +44 (0)7392922182  And my mailing address is: 5/11 Comley Bank Row  Edinburgh, Scottland EH4 1DZ  Ordered from Amazon and the items were delivered.

I can be reached by Messenger or WhatApps. Have made phone calls via both. Email me if you’d like to find out how:


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