Edinburgh Day #1

I came into Edinburgh yesterday afternoon, via Budapest to Brussels then here, took a taxi to the new flat and met the hosts. Got through Customs easy enough. Was a little concerned that when I said I was staying for 3 months, there was a chance that my request could have been denied entry. UK allows visitors like me to stay for 6 months, out of a span on one year, but they can deny entry if they feel it would be in the interests of the UK to deny entry. In any case, I’m here. Was met with cool weather as I left the terminal – loved it!! After warm to hot weather for the last couple of months, will enjoy the break.

Now to get used to the Scottish accent… Was a little difficult speaking with the taxi driver through the plastic shield between us as we drove into the city. Had to ask several times for him to repeat what he said.

My hosts are a very nice local couple, who now have a larger place now they have children. They did a great job with the updates to the flat. Very modern but have kept some of the traditional features. Have everything I need for the next three months. Nearby supermarket has most everything I need, but will also check out another local market that has some higher quality foods (like my favorite Zupan’s). And the farmer’s market too. I’d like to make Paprika Chicken – with good and fresh paprika if possible. After some additional shopping today, the pantry is looking full.

Here is a picture of the street where I’m staying. I’m on the 2nd floor (3rd story).


The neighborhood is residential, very little traffic, but close to city center. Many shops nearby and Edinburgh Castle is a 20 minute walk away. So guess where I went this morning? Of course! Edinburgh Castle was my first stop.

On the way, I crossed over Dean Bridge. The pictures below show the view from each side of the bridge. The bridge spans the Water of Leith and it looks like there is a park down below as I looked over the edge.

IMG_20160901_102855889_HDR IMG_20160901_102926015_HDR IMG_20160901_165947 Plaque on Bridge (Date is 1832)

A nice little hike up the hill to the castle. The good thing is I didn’t sweat on the way up. Weather was perfect for walking! Just took some pictures while I was there and stopped in for a bite to eat at one of the pubs along the Royal Mile.IMG_20160901_170157 IMG_20160901_170219

IMG_20160901_105946451 IMG_20160901_110152876


If I read correctly, the reviewing stands (in blue above) are set up for the Festival (just completed recently) and they are taken down. I’ll take a tour of the castle on a rainy day – which will be most any day now.

IMG_20160901_170134 View down the Royal Mile.

Got a chance to view myself in a mirror. Looks like the walking has really helped shed a few pounds. Ha!

IMG_20160901_170013 (Skinny Me)

This afternoon I went back to the supermarket and added to my pantry. Last night I just picked up the essentials: bread, coffee, sugar, beer.  On the way to the store today, I looked down a side street and saw this.

IMG_20160901_165923 Fettes College

This is Fettes College (Second Empire architecture) is a private coeducational independent boarding and day school. Established 1870.  (Thank you Wikipedia!)

This is one of the benefits of walking around. Every so often to see something new and interesting.

At the store, I bought a package of Weetabix. Wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. And yes, I read how to apply the milk so it doesn’t end up a soggy mess. Looking forward to breakfast. (Or maybe a late night snack.)


And the Edinburgh adventure begins…

9 thoughts on “Edinburgh Day #1”

  1. How long did it take you to travel to Edinburgh from Budapest? Things look so close together on the map. Like going state to state not country to country. I think you look like you could fit right in and be a little Scottish especially when you’re wearing your beret. 🙂

    1. The whole trip, by plane, was about 3 hours. Included a stopover in Brussels. About 1,000 miles away – so maybe like flying to L.A. maybe? Normally, I’l like to take a train, but in this case the distance was too long. As for the beret, actually thinking of getting a kilt. 🙂

        1. Yes, I will need to take some more. Just today I was taking a picture and thought, “Gee, I could have taken a selfie.” I’ll try. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to your Edinburgh shots. I spent 2 weeks there last January – lovely, cool weather, beautiful city!

    1. I’ll get a few pictures loaded today. Yes, the lovely cool weather! I’ll have to go back an continue on with the itinerary you drew up. So warm there, did what I could each day. If you have any “must do” trips while I’m here in Edinburgh, please send along. Cheers!

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