Gellert Hill (Budapest)

When I first arrived in Budapest, my taxi driver recommended a walk up Gellert Hill ((Gellérthegy) and visit the Citadel (Citadella). On my last full day in Budapest, that is what I did. I’ve been looking up at the hill for the past five days, so now I get to find out what’s over there.

A little cooler today, but very humid. After a walk across the Elisabeth Bridge, on the way up the hill, I got a chance of a closer look of the Saint Gellert Monument, which holds a statue of Bishop Gellert, who came from Italy around the year 1000 to convert Hungarians to Christianity.


IMG_20160830_122042 Building Where I’m Staying

I got a good picture of the building where I’m staying in Budapest. I’m on the left side of the top floor. I have a small corner of the floor – the person next to me must have an amazing flat. See the river cruise boat at the bottom of the picture – many park near where I’m staying.

Lots of steps to get to the top. The whole hillside has many paths that cross along the way. And no signs. I just kept taking the path that looked like it was going up.

IMG_20160830_121946 IMG_20160830_121925 IMG_20160830_121909

And then found myself at the top. Just one more flight of stairs…


The citadel is mainly a stone building at the top of the hill. Its history is worth knowing.



Great views!

IMG_20160830_121702 Budapest & Danube

IMG_20160830_121545 Buda Castle

IMG_20160830_104007874  Pest and Elisabeth Bridge

IMG_20160830_121424 Liberation Monument

The 46 foot tall Liberation Monument’s statue stands just outside the Citadel, on a 84 foot tall pedestal while lifting a palm leaf toward the city as a symbol of peace. Built in remembrance of the Soviet liberation of Hungary from Nazi forces during World War II. (Used to have soviet-themed statues around the base, but they were moved to another location when communism in Hungary fell in 1989. The only supporting statues remaining at the Monument are a female figure holding the torch of progress and a young man killing a dragon which represents the defeat of fascism.


I mentioned yesterday about how I don’t do well in the heat. Very much looking forward to Edinburgh where the temperature is in the 60’s. Since I left Portland on the 28th of June, good (mostly very warm) weather has followed me from city to city – even Zermatt. As an Oregon native, now looking for some weather that I understand.

My tentative plan is to live in Dublin next year from June through August and enjoy the moderate weather. I’ll be back in Budapest in late January or February for a few months and be in Italy in January.

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