Budapest: I Love You More Than My Luggage

Important Update:

Today, a member of my travel team will be leaving us. Sorry Rolling Suitcase, your new home is Budapest. My team was comprised of Rolling Suitcase, Backpack and me. As of today, a new member has been added, Larger Rolling Suitcase. As a result, Backpack will now have a new role as Support Luggage for side trips and will travel inside Larger Rolling Suitcase.  (Background Story: Not knowing how various forms of transportation would accommodate luggage, and my needs where not 100% defined, I decided to try out some options (rolling suitcase and backpack). The result – having two separate luggage items is not easy to maneuver and the second item (backpack) can result in additional baggage fees.)

“I love you more than my luggage.” Name the movie. Send your responses to

Larger Rolling Suitcase: The requirements for the new rolling suitcase was that it had to be light, durable, be larger, and have good reviews. TripAdvisor (my go-to) recommended the WestEnd Shopping Center, about a 30 minute walk from my flat, as a good place to find several stores who carry luggage. When I got there, I found that this shopping center was as big as Washington Square or Clackamas Town Center. Had a good time looking the stores (with many familiar names). The first store that I found, Larger Rolling Suitcase was waiting for me. The sales associate gave me a demonstration and the deal was made. (Side Note: There are only a few items that I rely on: cell phone, credit cards, and luggage – mainly in that order.) Like it was meant to be. Except, I discovered after I returned home later that I had left my credit card at the store – so I’ll get a good walk back to WestEnd Shopping Center once it gets cooler.

Forgot to add – how did I remember which store? I wanted to call them before hiking up there, in the heat, to fetch my card. I did have the receipts (see below). It took a little bit of Google muscle, but I was able to find the phone number from one of the names on the receipt. They were expecting my call….


IMG_20160829_170832 Welcome Larger Rolling Suitcase!

Also pictured above is the Western Railway Station.

IMG_20160829_204953 WestEnd Shopping Center

Budapest Architecture: Realizing that I’m starting to run low on energy, I decided to only do some essential tasks today. (I still sound like a Project Manager – have you noticed? Need to work on that…)

Getting back to the first item item on my list today –  to get some more data added to my phone, and realizing that I couldn’t do on-line, I had to find a Vodaphone store.  (I’ve been using more data than expected due to intermittent WiFi outages in the flat.) The three choices I had, according to Google, were 2 or 3 km away. While walking to the nearest location, I thought it would be great if the store was closer. No sooner than I thought that, I looked up and there was a Vodaphone store – honestly! This store was not listed, but there it was. Got waited on promptly, and now have enough data for the next couple of days.

Next item on list was getting a larger rolling suitcase. The WestEnd Shopping Center was about 10 minutes away. But I’ve already covered that story already.

On the way back from luggage shopping, though I was getting warm, very warm and, as a result, not feeling well, I decided on no side trips and to head directly back home. Though on the way, I have pictures of a few buildings to share.  You’ll notice that the first one has statues all the way around one side, the next looks it is the entrance to an apartment building, and the final one I happened to see, peeking down a side street with the green roof and gold accents. Amazing – everywhere you look!




IMG_20160829_205009 IMG_20160829_205022 IMG_20160829_205039


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