Exploring Budapest

Each time I leave the building where I’m staying, I wonder what I’ll discover. I’m beginning to understand that Budapest doesn’t seem to fall into any particular category. True, every city or community, has a uniqueness – but being here in Budapest, the amazing variety of buildings, shops, restaurants, churches, and the language too, have that something extra.

For example, today I was looking at the architecture. I look at a building and think it must be an important building because a lot of resources, creativity, and skill must have gone into the building, but find out it is an apartment or retail building. Such as:


Seems every building has its own flourish, or something extra. Think I’m in architecture overload.

Got a late start this morning (will explain later) and wanted to get out for a walk before it got too hot. Wanted to get over to the Opera House and then to the Hungarian Parliament Building – both in the neighborhood.

The Opera House was very grand, as to be expected. On three sides there were porticos built for carriages – so opera goers could easily be dropped off and picked up in bad weather. I decided to not take the tour of the building but did walk through the entrance and out one of the side doors. Very grand!


On the way to the Parliament, I came upon a flea market or swap meet – no sure which, but there were many fine items on display. Quite a collection!


The Hungarian Parliament Building, or perhaps buildings is more appropriate, are next to the Danube and face the Buda Castle across the river. Perhaps this was planned? Again, amazing architecture and beautiful to look at. Got there just as the changing of the guards was completing. The following pictures show the building(s) and changing of the guard.

IMG_20160828_163207 IMG_20160828_163224 IMG_20160828_163235 IMG_20160828_163307

IMG_20160828_163107 IMG_20160828_163123 IMG_20160828_163047

The picture above shows two guards marching around this pole. Need to check out the background on this.

On the way back to the flat to take a shower, eat lunch and rest, I saw what looked like a bus floating down the Danube. It was a tour boat (bus) and from my viewpoint, looked like it was almost ready to sink. (No, I’m not going on this tour boat.)


Last Night

As for last night, I have been walking around and crossing the various bridges over the Danube. Last night was Liberty Bridge. When I got closer, I noticed that people were climbing up on the bridge and as I walked across, it looked like people brought food and were hanging around. Very interesting. And also took some night pictures of the bridges.  Enjoy!

IMG_20160827_202707423 IMG_20160827_202808678 IMG_20160827_202955520 IMG_20160827_203130556 IMG_20160827_203202425 IMG_20160827_203554429 IMG_20160827_204721158

And the Gellert Bath House


And finally…

Seems there is a nightclub that stays open until 5:00 a.m. and the music woke me up last night and the night before – so I had to get up (this is 3:00 a.m.) and go outside and find the source. Not that I was going to do anything, just because I was awake, might as well go for a walk. When I got downstairs, I found a small group of four, drinking and talking on the front steps of the building. Very friendly. Asked me if I would like to join in, where was I from, what is going on with that election of yours, we’re from Sweden, and we had a nice and informative conversation at 3:00 a.m. Who knew? I took a picture of them.



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  1. I enjoy hearing of your serendipitous encounters. You must be open to them for as often as you have them. I think that is so great.

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