Buda and Pest

Some Budapest background information – the current-day city of Budapest is the result of an 1873 merger between two distinct cities: Buda on the western bank of the Danube and Pest on the opposite bank. Buda has the hills and Pest (where I’m staying) is flat.

Today I headed over to hilly Buda to see a place named Fisherman’s Bastion (or Halaszbastra) which is on Castle hill, next to Matthias Church.  Then wanted to see Buda Castle, which is nearby. Walked over to Buda, via the Szechenhi Chain Bridge, in about 30 minutes from my flat. The line to the funicular up the hill was long so decided to walk up on foot and get some exercise. And believe me, it was all uphill from there.

IMG_20160827_104645255 Szechenhi Chain Bridge

Fisherman’s Bastion: This neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style terrace was built between 1895 and 1902 and offers a great view of the Danube, Margaret Island, Pest to the east and the Gellert Hills. Its seven towers represent the seven Magyar tribes that settled in the Carpathian Basin in 896. The Bastion takes its name from the guild of fisherman that was responsible for defending this stretch of the city walls in the Middle Ages.   (Thank you for this information Wikipedia!)

I tried to get all seven towers in one picture, but no luck. But think (eventually) I got all seven.

IMG_20160827_105928206 IMG_20160827_110914383 IMG_20160827_110952504 IMG_20160827_111024327

The views of Pest were amazing.

IMG_20160827_111045810 IMG_20160827_111124236

The Mattias Church, or Church of Our Lady of Buda, is next to Fisherman’s Bastion. There have been a number of renovations to this church over the years, but the foundation for the current church was started in the 1400’s. Again, I couldn’t get a picture of the whole church, but enjoyed walking around and admiring this architectural work of art.

IMG_20160827_112359883 IMG_20160827_112424248

From this location, I headed over to Buda Castle, which dominates the view from my flat. This is the palace of the Hungarian kings and was built in the 1400’s. I’ll have to get tickets to visit next time I’m in Budapest to see the interior. Again, was satisfied to just walk around and enjoy the views.

IMG_20160827_120133570 Buda Castle

Was recommended a restaurant just down the hill from the castle, Hunyadi Craft Beer. Very nice place and got a chance to talk with the owners while my lunch was being prepared. Watched their daughter, about 3 years old, helping set up the tables along with her parents. (I was their first customer.)  For less than $6 USD, I had a pint of ale beer (named Little John) and a hot sandwich.

On my walk back to my flat, I found some items that I thought I could include for fun.

The first was a statue of someone named Szarvas Gabor. The grandfather of the Gabor sisters, who were from Hungary? Research inconclusive so far.


Next, and almost missed it, was a plaque outside the Budapest Four Seasons. When you see the name “Gresham” and you from Oregon, it gets your attention. From my limited research, it looks like Gresham (Oregon) was named after the Postmaster General Walter Q. Gresham, with no reference to Hungary in the Wiki article that I read. But worth including anyway. Kind of like a picture of home.




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  1. I love the photos. Nice angle of the Fisherman’s Bastion from below! No, the Gabor sisters wouldn’t be related to the guy on the statue. In Hungarian, the family name is listed first. So Szarvas Gabor would be Gabor Szarvas to us.

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