Sure Looks Like a Swiss Village

Zermatt, a Swiss village, does look like one because it is. (Wake up call.) Guess I’m still programmed to think American and to see replicas rather than the real deal. I’ve been here for a few days and starting to settle into a slower pace and appreciate the special character of this place that draws so many people here.

The centerpiece is the Matterhorn. Each day, and sometimes each hour, I see a different aspect of this mountain. It is like the Eiffel Tower of the Swiss Alps. I find myself taking pictures to capture these “looks”.


Matterhorn 19 August 3


Matterhorn in Morning

I went on a hike this afternoon, towards the mountain, and looked back towards the village. Saw more Swiss Alps. Had focused on the Matterhorn and almost forgot that it is one among many mountains in the Alps.

Zermatt and Alps               Zermatt and Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps 5

Swiss Alps 3

Met a new friend in the village. From what I understand, this cat is well known. Very friendly and bet he gets a lot of attention.


Zermatt Cat 2

Made plans to go paragliding on Monday. Fun, eh?


Kind of blurry. Took from my balcony and zoomed in. It is tandem, so I am just along for the ride. This weekend, the weather has showers in the forecast, so a good time to catch up on some projects and plan for next week. (Heading to Budapest.) I’m staying until Wednesday and next week’s forecast looks great.

2 thoughts on “Sure Looks Like a Swiss Village”

  1. I’m glad you liked the map idea. It makes it much more relative for me I know to follow your travels on one.

    1. I’m thinking about updating my last post. With all of the mountains around here, difficult to get a sense of where everything is in relationship to Zermatt.

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