Van Gogh!

With all of the museums located in Amsterdam, the only one of interest was the Van Gogh Museum. Even the Diamond Museum didn’t have the pull for me to visit. (Was tempted, though…)

Diamond Museum Diamond Museum

Many of museums in Amsterdam are located near each other in Amsterdam’s Museum District. For me, Vincent Van Gogh has been an inspiration and after visiting the Van Gogh museum I have an even better idea who he was as a person and an artist. While his art was an attraction, the way he approached his work by trying different techniques and approaches, and the work of people who inspired him and who he inspired were shown along with his works. Together they told a cohesive narrative. He impressed me as a very thoughtful and creative genius.

Van Gogh Museum Van Gogh Museum

After the Van Gogh Museum, I was heading back to my flat when I came upon a virtual sea of bikes. The picture below doesn’t visually show how many bikes – hundreds probably. Many bikes (and scooters and motorbikes as well) in Amsterdam. Mainly bikes.

Bicycles Bikes!!

Yesterday afternoon I made plans for the next week or so, and into September through November. On Sunday, I will be traveling to Berlin for a few days then hope to meet up with some friends and relatives in Germany – if our schedules line up. Then will travel to Switzerland to visit the town were some of our (mother’s side) ancestors were from (Glattfelden) and then to Zermatt, at the base of the Matterhorn.

download  Glattfelden

398px-1_zermatt_night_2012 Zermatt

In September, I have arranged for a flat in Edinburgh, Scotland where I’ll stay until the end of November. In December, I’ll return to London. I’ve enjoyed each of the places I’ve visited so far and now looking to develop a longer term experience where I can have a fuller experience – and get back to a gym on a regular schedule.

Yesterday evening, I met up with Rich and Cathy and was introduced to a Rijstafel Dinner (Rice Dinner) inherited by the Dutch via Indonesia. You order a pre-defined selection of mini-dishes (18 in all) and they are served with both white and yellow rice. As you can see, there are many choices to select from. Think I tried a little of everything. We all were stuffed by the end of dinner! A big thank you to the hospitality of my hosts and the entertaining and informative conversation!

Rijstafel Dinner

Today’s Update (5 August): My phone is acting up. Thought it was the SIM card that needed to be “topped off” for more gigs of data, tried a new SIM card – actually several, and non of them worked. While heading to a T Mobile store, to possibly buy a new phone, thought I’d give the old SIM card another try, and it worked! An amazing feeling of isolation when you don’t have immediate availability to your phone’s features. I wonder if I would feel the same way if I was in Portland. Something to think about…

One final note from today. Think this is the neighborhood heron. Very friendly and seemed to be interested in a little bit of everything. Thought I’d share.



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