Sunday Walk (31 July 2016)

Today was to be a day of rest and reflection in preparation for Paris tomorrow and, I guess, for the days that follow. As an aside, yesterday I made French Toast – not because I was going to Paris tomorrow, but because my Airbnb host left me some bread, eggs, and milk – and I brought some raspberry (framboises) jam with me from my last Airbnb flat. And, voila, French Toast.

Today, I started off the day, like most days, with coffee from my aeropress ( that is easy to pack and delivers great (and strong) coffee. Very simple this morning. This was to be a R&R day, taking care of a few tasks and heating up leftovers from last night’s supper for lunch. Thought it was going to be a rainy day, but was pleasantly surprised with some sun and cool breezes after the brief morning rain. Perfect for a walk.

My primary goal today was to find a replacement for my phone’s SIM card from BASE. Now I’m trying the Orange card (another, of many, carriers). Found out that the BASE card doesn’t have good coverage (though met my minimal needs) and is not easy to “top off” to increase data. (For those who haven’t been following along, it is a whole new world of phone/data/text when you arrive in Europe.)  Gone is my Verizon phone account ($135 per month) and now I’m trying out various European options < $135 per month).  I’ll report later on how my Orange card works in Paris and Amsterdam.

This afternoon, heading out the door to find an Orange dealership, I just took my time. Was really enjoying the people and shops as I walked along. So many were taking advantage of the day and with family and friends. Below is a picture of one of the avenues (of several I’m sure – haven’t been on them all) that are blocked off for traffic and are pedestrian only.

Sunday 31 July 2016

Of course there were many waffle and frites (french fries) shops along the way and resisted temptation. I found my Orange shop and got a new SIM card installed. While the goal was a new SIM card, my “find” of the day were the wide boulevards and fine weather.

Earlier today, I found a nice flat in Amsterdam right on one of the canals, in the Jordaan area. I’ve only booked it for a few nights and will find a longer term location once I arrive.

But now, looking forward to Paris tomorrow!




3 thoughts on “Sunday Walk (31 July 2016)”

  1. I wanted to let you know I made Skinny Lasagna Soup for dinner today and I thought it was as good as it had been touted to be. Who knew I would get a great recipe because you went traveling. Thanks for that too. Looking forward to hearing about Paris.

    1. Ah, you made the soup! Don’t expect everyone to like it as much as me. What I didn’t say is that I make my own vegetable broth and pizza sauce – also add more red pepper flakes for a little extra kick. With recipes you can take liberty and modify. Sitting here waiting for my train to Paris. Will post more later. (Doing this reply from my phone – will see if it works)

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