Do You Know the Way to Antwerp?

Now I do. (Know the way to Antwerp, that is.) Didn’t have a clue the day before yesterday, now I know. It is north of Brussels, costs a little over 7 Euro to get there, and has train station that is an attraction all by itself.

On the way to the station to catch the train I found a couple of items of interest that I wanted to share. One I saw the day before, and not sure what it means, but this building had a number of windows that had the Belgium flag displayed. The other is a bronze statue of a women, with no inscription anywhere – it was just there, a life-sized woman. Yes, random.  Enjoy!

Belgium Flags

Bronze Lady Brussels

In an earlier post I mentioned train travel. So, learning from my ticketing experience from the Bruges trip, I purchased my ticket on-line and didn’t get a ticket printed out. On my way to Antwerp, the guy that scans the tickets didn’t even look at mine – I just pointed to my phone and he was on his way. On the way back, no one checked my ticket. I’ll continue to share train ticketing stories so I’ll have a collection of them – just to have documented the variety of methods.

As I get off the train, I had forgotten that my research said that the train station was something of interest. As I got off the train and looked for the exit from the station, I looked up an saw this:

Artwerp Cental Station 4 Antwerp Central Train Station – Interior

Wow! Now sure how I was going to crop the above picture. Wanted to show more of the architecture of the far wall, but also wanted to show the overhead structure. Really, I could have just spent the day at the station, then headed back to Brussels. External pictures later. I’m feeling the need to present the pictures today chronologically.

Having no plan, I decided to let my feet do the walking. I had recalled a building that looked interesting and it was near the water – so decided to head over there. On the way, I saw that Antwerp liked FDR and named a street after him. And to point out that Antwerp attracts people from many countries, a few blocks away from the central station, a Chinese gate and beyond it was a Chinese community.

FDR in Antwerp FDR in Antwerp, Belgium

Chinese Gate in Antwerp Chinese Gate: Antwerp, Belgium

After about 30 minutes of walking through the streets of Antwerp, I came to the port area and MAS (Museum Ann De Stroom) or Museum on the Stream, which is the river that provides means for the large Antwerp port. It is the largest museum in Antwerp and contains artifacts representing a variety of cultures and a history of Antwerp. On the top of the building, where I started, you can see Antwerp from all directions. Below are the pictures that I took from the panorama from the 9th floor.  In the last picture, if you look closely, you can see two cooling towers from the local nuclear plant.

MAS Panarama 5

MAS Panarama 4

MAS Panarama 3

MAS Panarama 2

When I got back to the station, I caught another angle of the station, threw the Ferris Wheel. Would have like to have lined up the Ferris Wheel to the building, but it is what it is. Also got another picture of the building from a side entrance.

Artwerp Cental Station Antwerp Central Train Station

Artwerp Cental Station 2 Antwerp Central Train Station

I’ve taken this weekend off from any long walks and acting like a native – doing laundry, paying bills, shopping for groceries, and cooking dinner. Saving up energy for a full-day in Paris on Monday. Now this is just a quick visit, just to get oriented and see a few attractions. I’ll plan to spend, perhaps a month, at a later date – maybe nex year.

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