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If I had a bucket list, what I did today would be on it. Maybe I will write up a list one of these days, but today wasn’t the day. As I was leaving for Bruges this morning – was looking at web sites having suggestions of things to do when you get there. And then I saw a business who offered tours in Bruges on a Segway! I’ve always wanted to learn to ride a Segway, and today was the day! Here I am…


After a brief lesson most of us figured out how to go forward, back and turn – so off we were. We rode around Bruges in single file like a flock of ducks following mama duck. (Except in this case it was “papa” duck.) Every so often we would stop and heard some history of Bruges. We learned Bruges had good times and, for many years, really struggled. Bottom line: Nepoleon was not good to Bruges. Today, Bruges is a very large consumer-shopping destination with many stores. A beautiful city that has done a wonderful job preserving many buildings and honoring their past. I’ve included some pictures below. I’ll have to label at a different time. Has been a long day, but wanted to publish this post because tomorrow is Antwerp.

Grand Square Building


Bruges Street

Central Square Church

Municiple Building



Grand Square

Food  I’ve heard about Belgium mussels, so I had those at lunch. And for dessert, Google lead me to a shop in Bruges who has the best (according to consumer response) chocolate treats.  So you know where I went after lunch. Enjoy!  (I did!)

Mussels and Fries So many mussels!  Enough for 2 (or 3)

Chocolate 2 Chocolate (only 7 Euro – a deal!)

Train Travel:  Thought I’d put in a few lines about getting around on the various rails – at least what I’ve learned so far.  Book early (on-line) if possible, to get the best fairs, take advantage of discount cards, get to the station early to ensure you get on the right track for your train, ask if you are not sure, and be patient while you learn the “ropes”.  In my limited experience, each rail company has their own rules, procedures and policies and once you learn them, traveling by rail is easy and convenient. You’ll be able to go into the biggest of stations and not get swallowed up in their vastness and easily get to where you need to be.

For instance: Last night, I booked (on-line) the travel from Brussels to Bruges for today’s trip. While the confirmation email said I should print out the ticket – I didn’t. I did go to the ticket office this morning and ask if a ticket really needed to be printed and the customer service person said that I should have done so and said she would do it – just this one time. (Think she gave me “the look” to make sure I understood.) I took the printed ticket with me when I boarded, but no one came by to check during the trip. While in Bruges, I booked the return trip on-line and didn’t bother getting a printed ticket to see what would happen. While on the return trip, I was asked for my ticket and showed the PDF on my email confirmation copy. The PDF on my phone was examined and approved.

I’ll continue to add some more information about rail travel as I gain more experience. We can learn together.


6 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. They are a lot of fun! After you get used to the idea that you’re not going to tip over, can be a lot of fun. Would have been nice to have a bigger space to take it for a test drive, but enjoyed the Segway tour very much. I’ve seen the Segways in Portland – maybe when I get back I’ll go on a tour.

  2. I like the Segway and train stories. I do not plan to be a pest during your entire trip with my posting be I do like the detail you put in your blogs. It is just like being there. Thanks again.

    1. I was a lot of fun riding the Segway. Our leader watched us carefully so we didn’t goof off. 🙂

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