Today is a first. Actually, two firsts.  First day that I didn’t take two or more showers and also, didn’t take one picture. Only one shower means that I didn’t do anything that caused me to perspire, but still, afterward – what a great feeling it is. And not having pictures to organize is a good break. So, yes.  Ahhhh….

First off, about showering. So nice to only take one shower today. Between being very active and also the warm, humid weather at each of my destinations, I’ve been taking a lot of showers. This wouldn’t really be anything to write about, except that in my travels so far, staying at 8 different locations, I’ve had to learn the mechanics in each of the showers.  Plus, I’ve never used one of the snake-like shower apparatus that you find in Europe and beyond, I’m sure. Just another one of those things you take for granted.

As for the pictures, one of my tasks while traveling is finding a catalog software and format to tag the photos and select a permanent on-line home. Right now, I’m having Amazon upload from my phone directly when I’m on Wi-Fi, then I also back up on my external hard drive. The hard drive is backed up to OneDrive. It seems a lot of bother, but being so mobile as I am, its easy to lose photos.  And yes, I’ll look for a way to streamline the process.

Today was a day of rest, for the most part. I went shopping this morning to make my Skinny Lasagna Soup http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nancy-fox/skinny-lasagna-soup_b_8338312.html?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000592  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve made, but I can eat this for both lunch and dinner and don’t get tired of it. And it has a bunch of good stuff in it.

Another waffle today. Came across a street vendor and ordered a waffle with Nutella – got a sugar high again. Maybe I should stop eating them.

Have some more pictures of Basilica of the Sacred Heart to share. Also, a picture of the Brussels–Charleroi Canal, that I crossed on the way to the basilica yesterday.

I’ll make plans tonight to visit Paris, I think this Friday. Also, will fit in a trip to Antwerp, Bruges, and maybe Ghent.

IMG_20160725_162049Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Basilica of the Sacred Heart 7Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Basilica of the Sacred Heart 8Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Basilica of the Sacred Heart 3Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Brussels–Charleroi Canal Brussels–Charleroi Canal


4 thoughts on “Ahhhh……”

  1. I finally got caught up on your blog. So much fun to read. From now on I’ll be better about commenting on each post as they are posted. I wanted to say so many things as I was reading, but by the time I got to the end of the blog they were gone from my head……it’s that age thing……you know it. LOL

    1. I enjoy writing my little blog. So much is going through my head while traveling. Can’t believe I’m here – but funny, seems kind of normal in a way. Glad to have you along for the ride!

    1. Hi Connie! Good to hear from you! I try to be both informative and helpful – and at times playful too. I’ve already made this recipe twice in the past month. Glad to have you following along!

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