The Waffle of My Dreams

I found my waffle: warm, and topped with caramel and whipped cream.  So much sugar – got a sugar high. Maybe a waffle once a week. Next time: chocolate?

Belgian Waffle

Getting around Brussels has been fairly easy, so far. Most of the main historical attractions are centrally located and the city grew around the center over the centuries. Though, some of the side streets really start looking the same. I took a picture of a sample side street. Interesting to walk down these streets and you find yourself in front of an old (I’m talking 13th century old.) church, such as the chapel below or landmark, Halle Gate that follows.

Brussels Street  Sample Side Street – Central Brussels

Eglise Notre-Dame de la Chapelle Our Lady of the Chapel

Halle Gate The Halle Gate

While taking my clothes to the laundry, I came upon the Halle Gate (above). It was part of a medieval fortified city gate. And the turrets were added later, perhaps to make the appearance less austere from medieval times. (At least that is what I got out of reading the Wiki on this structure.)

One of the feature attractions in Brussels is the Grand Place. It is very grand, and the square in the middle is vast. Like most of my visits, I try to arrive early in the day. This is tourist central and many, many tourists visit and shop here. I took pictures of each of the buildings that line the square.

Grand Place 3 Grand Place

Grand Place 4 Grand Place

Grand Place 1 Grand Place

Grand Place 2 Grand Place

Nearby, is a covered shopping mall.

Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert Les-Galeries-Royales-Saint-Hubert

Perhaps a hundred shops in Les-Galeries-Royales-Saint-Hubert. Many chocolate shops! I found something that caught my eye. It was a mosaic made of 11,000 pieces of women in what looked like swimsuits or lingerie, that made the picture of the nun. The name of the piece is “Adoration” and was LED backlit. The picture below doesn’t capture the impact, but thought I’d include anyway. Just because I wanted to.  🙂

Adoration 11,000 individual images LED backlit

Tomorrow I’ll kick up the site seeing again. Only got in a little over 10,000 steps today. When I move to my next place in Brussels, I plan to do a one or two day trip to Paris to “check the vibe” – certainly not the full experience which will happen when I plan a month (or more) long visit later next year.

Brussels was the perfect place to take a little break. With my car being transferred to the new owners, as of today, that is one less thing to think about. Still a few items left on my departure “to-do” list that I’ll address over the next few weeks. In a few days, it will be a month since I left Portland. I’ll probably write more about I feel about that now that I have some perspective between then and now.


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    1. I’ll try again. The sugar rush off of the last one…. I just have to make sure I don’t need to make any major decisions or drive heavy machinery after I eat another.

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