Moving Forward and Climbing

I enjoy thinking of titles for each of these (almost daily) posts. Generally I sit still and wait for the words to come to me. Other times, they get to me before I know it. And based on my activities yesterday (moving forward) and today (climbing) today’s title seemed fine.

Yesterday, I did a lot of walking. Needed to move.  Move forward. Walked to a couple of open markets to check out the wares. Neither were big productions, but seemed to have much character and all the necessary basic items that most people enjoy.  Brought back some small potatoes and veggies and steamed them and “rocket salad” (arugula) and spinach as well.  And some bread.  Went on another long walk to the Peace Memorial Pagoda (from my walk yesterday) that is in Battersea Park, along the River Thames. After some reflection, I continued my walk down to the Albert Bridge and over to the other side and along the opposite side of the Thames. It wasn’t until my feet started to ache a little that I stopped. No need to overdo it.

I decided on Saturday to see the White Cliffs of Dover, over 60 miles away. Also desired to get out of London and see the countryside. In less than 30 minutes outside of London, the train took us through the farmlands and countryside. Nothing large and commercial. Seemed like a number of small farms. Was nice to just to sit and watch from the train to Dover. Before I knew it, with a bus transfer, we were in Dover. But I was hungry (no breakfast) and took advantage of a pub across the street from the station. Great hosts and food – and enough to sustain me on my hike to the cliffs.

I took some pictures of the Dover Castle.  Bigger than Windsor Castle.  Looks over the town of Dover.  What a great site!

Getting to the cliffs by car or bus is easy.  Walking there, which I did, took a little stamina.  It was an hour walk from the station (and pub), and including the time I watched the activity in the harbor and the ferry boats, it took about 90 minutes, including the climb up the hill to one of the viewpoints.  When I got my full-on first look at the cliffs it was like I was watching a movie. Somehow this wasn’t like seeing Big Ben for the first time, and maybe because the cliffs are so vast, and white, but I don’t know…  These pictures do not do justice.  Guess you will have to see for yourself.  I’m going back at a later date and allow more time – perhaps stay at a local B&B.

Tomorrow is my last full day in London for awhile.  I have some more sites to see.  On Tuesday, I leave for Brussels. <grin>  Very excited!!  Belgian Waffles?!?

I’m going to miss my hosts here at this Airbnb.  They have been kind and helpful. Maybe I’ll see them again when I return in December.

Battersea Pagoda 1 Peace Memorial in Battersea Park

Albert Bridge 4River Thames Bridge

Battersea Bridge 1River Thames Bridge

Albert Bridge 1Albert Bridge

Albert Bridge 2Albert Bridge

English Countryside London to Dover 3English CountrysideEnglish Countryside London to Dover 2English Countryside

Dover Castle 1Dover Castle

Dover Castle 2Dover Castle

Pub Meal in DoverLunch before the climb

Walk Up to Dover CliffsClimb up to the cliffs

White Cliffs of Dover 1White Cliffs of DoverWhite Cliffs of Dover 2White Cliffs of DoverIMG_20160717_140958629White Cliffs of Dover

View From Double Decker BusUpper Deck Bus View

Victoria Station TracksTracks!!  Victoria Station


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