Yes, I am an Anglophile…

Perhaps its in my DNA, with ancestors mainly from the British Isles, and primarily from England?  Who knows? Yes I do, I am an Anglophile. Case in point, last night I watched a YouTube of the Queen opening Parliament, from 18th May 2016. Guilty! Haha.

By now I’ve seen, what I believe, are the true (IMHO) iconic sites in London (Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and Windsor Castle (with the crown jewels).  Included in today’s update are pictures from my visit to the Tower of London and Windsor Castle, among other pictures of interest. I even went back to Buckingham Palace after seeing on TV (haven’t called it the “telly” yet) the outgoing PM and the incoming PM meet with the Queen.  It was time for my evening walk, so why not check in with Buckingham Place again?

I’ve continue to have fun exploring the various neighborhoods in Kensington and the surrounding area.  Just walking up to Paddington Station yesterday to take the train to Windsor, I passed through a couple of new neighborhoods and watched people headed for work. (Work?  What is that?)  My next neighborhood (also within the City of Westminster) Pimlico, will get me closer to the Thames and an opportunity to explore into South London.  (Update:  After I wrote the proceeding, I met up with my new hosts and was taken on a hike into Battersea Park.)

Besides walking, taking the Tube is a easy way to get around since London is so vast.  Think I have it figured out, but when I have a question there is no problem finding someone willing to offer directions.  Especially if you smile.

Another comment, is the diversity of the people visiting all of these London sites.  Perhaps it would be like being in the cafeteria at the U.N.  All of the languages spoken and English not being primary one. Imagine! What I also noticed is that we were all having a good time, with much laughter and everyone getting along well. I don’t watch the news so much but aware of recent events. Yes, I will be careful, but not afraid. The good in us, collectively, vastly outweighs that which is not.

(Note:  I don’t have the pictures from Tower of London ready.  Also note the pictures of Battersea Park below.  The kid’s “swing” – no nets to catch.  If someone falls… )

Windsor Castle

Paddington Station Paddington Station

IMG_20160714_112253988Outside the State Rooms

Windsor Castle 1Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle and Round TowerWindsor Castle

Windsor Castle 2Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Round TowerRound Tower – Windsor

IMG_20160714_103859755Round Tower – Windsor

View from Windsor CastleView from Windsor

Faux Brickwork During New RoofFaux castle brick during repairs

Windsor Castle 5Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle 6Windsor Castle

St Georges Chaple St. George’s Chaple

Hyde Park Afternoon 2 Hyde Park

Hyde Park Afternoon 1 Hyde Park

Birds Lined Up Hyde Park – Birds Lined Up

Kensington Garden Evening Walk 1 Kensington Gardens

IMG_20160715_164753037 Me (7 July 2016)

Kids Park 1Battersea Park

IMG_20160715_161248325Battersea Park

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