Finding Balance

Still so much to see here in London.  Every day is a few learning experience.  Doing ordinary things is a new learning, such as going to the post office, dropping off cleaning, or taking a shower in a new bathroom and adjusting the valves so I don’t get scalded or freeze.  And my new living experience where I share one bathroom and one kitchen with three other rooms.

Learning, adapting, and balance.

The balance comes in when I do too many activities in one day.  I have to remember that I have all the time I need and not on a schedule. I’ll be back in London towards the end of the year and don’t need to do everything now. I’m great at planning activities.  Not so good at kicking back. My evening walk yesterday (pictures below) through Hyde Park was amazing due to the weather, sites, and people I met along the way. The new flat is across the street from the park, with the idea that I’d take walks there. Weather permitting, I’ll start a walk earlier this evening and take my time.  Captured an excellent picture of the Prince Albert Memorial, across from the Royal Albert Hall on Kensington Road down from where I’m staying. Had a nice chat with some people as they were feeding the swans.  The wide boulevards in the park are amazing and hard to believe that this is in a very large city.

Earlier in the day I went to the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum and explored until I reached my saturation point, but I’ll be back.

Taking care of business in the U.S. is still a struggle.  Haven’t got in self-maintenance mode yet.  I just have to know that it will happen.  Limit myself to no more than an hour each day and what doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done.  Ha!

Today I wanted to see Tower Bridge, the other icon of London. (Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are my other two.)  Since I knew that afternoon showers were expected, I was out of the flat early and headed down to the river.  Made easy connections via the Tube and was there in 45 minutes, door-to-door.  And there I saw the Tower of London and nearby the Tower Bridge.  I’ll save Tower of London tour for tomorrow.  I did walk across and back on Tower Bridge and enjoyed the sites in each direction.  Many school-age youth, with their energy, were also walking  (and bouncing) along.  So many languages and smiles.

There was a building that I wanted to see up close. I’ve seen it in movies and TV and wondered what it was like nearby.  It is nicknamed The Gherkin (real name is 30 St Mary Axe).  And if you saw it, you would agree with the nickname.  I’m also interested in The Shard, but that will be another day.  I included a picture below (western Europe’s tallest building).


IMG_20160711_171345684Current Flat, 36 Hyde Park


IMG_20160711_141851897Victoria & Albert Museum

IMG_20160712_155138Victoria and Albert Museum

IMG_20160711_152335387_HDR V & A

IMG_20160711_142039003_HDRInside V & A

IMG_20160711_150948602Inside V & A

IMG_20160711_150717823_HDRV & A  (Glass Sculpture – who dusts this?)

IMG_20160711_201658425_HDRPrince Albert Memorial

IMG_20160711_201714709_HDR Royal Albert Hall

Hyde Park Walk

IMG_20160711_202241640_HDR Hyde Park Boulevard

IMG_20160711_201443916_HDRIMG_20160711_203213438_HDRHyde Park & SwansIMG_20160711_203219761_HDRHyde Park and Swans (Like the swans!)

IMG_20160711_203524324_HDRHyde Park Swans

IMG_20160711_204415962_HDRHyde Park Boulevard

Visit to Tower Bridge

Financial District IMG_20160712_155318IMG_20160712_104416210 Tower Bridge (not London Bridge)

IMG_20160712_102507152_HDR Tower Bridge

IMG_20160712_102526728  The Shard

IMG_20160712_113013349_HDR  The Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe)

IMG_20160712_113459261_HDR  Interesting Building in Financial District

IMG_20160712_154901 Queens Gate (Nearby)

IMG_20160712_111045025_HDR  Pub Sign Near Tower of London

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