Exploring Neighborhoods and Looking Around

One of my cousins asked if I wouldn’t mind checking out, and taking pictures, of a couple of places where a family member (in-law) lived in London – just “down the street” from where I’m staying.  So today was the day I decided I was now experienced enough to go exploring and away from the main thoroughfares.

I took the tube from near my location, Gloucester Road, to Hammersmith.  Still learning how to read the subway / underground / tube maps (guess the proper name is “tube”).  If I’m not sure, I ask, and if I’d like to roll the dice and take a chance on where I might end up, I get on the next tube that enters the station.  No rush.  I did manage to get to the Hammersmith stop and found the two homes from the addresses I was given.  The first location was a little odd, at first.  The home was in a row of houses, but it was like the homes in the middle were not of the same vintage as the others on either side of the block.  Perhaps they were rebuilt because of a fire, or perhaps bombed during WWII?  I’ve wondered what parts of the city were impacted.  The next home was about 30 minutes away by foot.  One of the streets I went down was named Askew Road, but it didn’t seem that it was askew.  So now may have two questions to research: 1) Possible site where an area was bombed during WWII, and 2) How Askew Road got it’s name.

Earlier, I saw an interesting building when I got off the tube in Hammersmith.  Discovered that this building has a name:  “The Ark” and and found this:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ark,_London

GE Building in Hammersmith   The Ark (GE Financial)

Tomorrow I move to my next location.  Here is the listing: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/11038035

Need to confirm when I’m to be out of this place on when to meet my host at the new place.

Tomorrow I’m treating myself to a shave and haircut.

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  1. I know Gustav Holst wrote a piece for wind symphony called Hammersmith. I think it was to depict this neighborhood.

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